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"Politically Correct Speech"

Updated on June 12, 2015

Political speech is a tool used by the left.

I'm not sure why the hair on the back of my neck stands up when I hear someone challenge another's speech, in the name of "political correctness". The arrogance of one to challenge another in a free country; where one of our basic rights is the right to free speech. The First Amendment guarantee's that right. Political correctness is a tool used by the left in this country to squelch our right to free speech.

We have all seen the miss spoken word at just the right time damage a lifelong record of service and good deeds. A life changed in a heartbeat because of a poorly thought out sentence. Once the perceived insult is out and audible, there is no taking it back, you simply can't Un-ring a bell.

It seems that if you are a conservative, there can never be enough repentance. The more that a conservative is known by his or her public; the more he or she will pay for his or her mistake. The conservative may be castigated to the point of complete ruin.

On the other hand the Liberal seems to be immune to the fate of the conservative. Most liberals I've heard use an undesirable term or insult, get away with a feeble "I'm sorry" and the righteous outcry dies a sudden death. If the subject of the insulting incident comes up again, it certainly won't be brought up by righteous liberals. The incident will most likely never be brought up again.

Political correctness is an assault on free speech. PC language is a tool used by liberals to shut down conservatives, or anyone who doesn't agree with them. Speech becomes a minefield to those who don't share liberal beliefs. Even daily news subjects of conversation may be offensive to those of liberal beliefs. this narrows the field of conversation and subjects of debate.

Its hard to find consensus in a subject, if you have to be so cautious in your speech that the debate becomes impossible to continue for fear of offending the other side. During the Bush presidency liberal Democrats called president Bush every name in the book. For eight years the conservative constituents of the Bush administration had to listen day in and day out to what some of us consider hate speech. We are still being bombarded by this unholy rhetoric. If we voice our conservative opinion the present administration immediately labels our speech as racist and UN-American,

Why is it that the Democratic Party can so successfully use tactics like politically correct speech? In my opinion its because they have the Liberal Progressive Press to support their efforts, to stop normal honest debate. Liberal Progressives make up about thirty percent of our countries political followers and those who think they are liberals just for the sake of being a liberal. Unfortunately liberals make up about eighty percent of the media. Journalism today is no longer just reporting the facts and letting you, the reader decide.

Being a liberal is not necessarily the safest thing to be either. Just because you're a liberal doesn't mean your safe, or off limits. Liberals eat their own, as President Obama is finding out. The progressive Liberal Democratic Party is visibly un-happy with Mr. Obama's dealings with the Republican Party on the Bush tax extensions. There is a list of things the Liberal Democratic Party is UN-happy about.

As someone from the conservative side of the spectrum, I along with most Americans are ready to fire the whole bunch of them. That's right, Democrats and Republicans, there's not a dimes worth of difference between them. They both have been tone deaf. Hopefully they finally got the message that the majority in this country have been shouting for the last five years.

As a conservative I will be watching between now and the election in 2016. I hope to see major progress in the death of the "Affordable Health Care Bill". I will also be watching spending and hopefully seeing some shrinkage of government. I know this is too much to hope for, but I would also like to see the death of things like "political correct speech", and class warfare. I know, just call me a dreamer.


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    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 4 years ago

      B Malin,

      Thank you for your comments on "Politically Correct Speech". You're right about the lack of OML.. and sadly there can be no compromise when one wants their way or no way.

      I also do not condone "How to for a Child Molester". The subject of child molestation being free speech is just wrong headed.

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 4 years ago

      A very thought provoking Hub, Writer, and SADLY so true. I consider myself to be an "OPEN MINDED CONSERVATIVE"...However I have yet to meet OML...It's their word or the highway, and NO in between.

      I will also add that I do NOT condone "How to for a Child Molester"...and is this Freedom of Speech or something else entirely...

    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 7 years ago


      I know nothing about the facts that surround this case. On the face of what you are reporting I don't believe that anyone should go to jail for writing a book, but I can't comment on why this person was arrested, as I have no knowledge about the case.

      Free speeech still doesn't give you the right to yell fire in a theater, or release classified secrets that jeopardize national security.

    • profile image

      jamesbrummel 7 years ago

      You said "The arrogants of one to challenge another in a free country; where one of our basic rights is the right of free speech."

      In this case we have a man who wrote a "How to" guide for child molesters. A book. He was just arrested by Florida police. He faces up to 30 years in prison for writing a book. It's certainly an atrocity of a book,it communicates vile ideas, but as you said one of our basic rights is free speech--the unrestrained communication of ideas, popular, unpopular whatever. Since you seem upset about individuals making racist or sexist or whatever ever remarks being victimized by the press, I was certain you'd be incensed by a man being jailed for writing a book.

    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 7 years ago


      I'm not familiar with the "How To Guide" for child molesters or the Florida Arrest. I have no sympathy for Child Molestation. My hub deals with the unfairness of the politically correct speech tactics and the use of the media to back up attempts to ruin people for a mistaken word or unintended insult. Political speech has made its way into issues like church and state, religious discussions in school and many other facets of our lives.

    • profile image

      jamesbrummel 7 years ago

      "The arrogants of one to challenge another in a free country; where one of our basic rights is the right of free speech."

      You are so right on. How dare Florida arrest the author of the "How to Guide" for child molesters. This country is turning into a police state.

      By the way, your opinions might carry a little more weight if you have just one single example. Just one.