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Politically Correct...

Updated on July 9, 2015

These days we are hearing alot more about being Politically Correct. Its always been around but it's definition and how you are to behave has changed drastically over the years.

Those who decide what is politically correct has never changed. They may have worn different masks over the years but they are the same folks....generally it's the media, who get their cues from politcians, decide what the news cycle of the day will look like. This determines what is shown on the 3 big networks...NBC, ABC and CBS. This ends with the content of what people see as such as George Zimmerman's doctored 911 call which aired moments after the Travon Martin shooting. NBC doctored the tape to make it appear that Zimmerman called 911 only because he was black. Those in the media still havent figured out that in the day of social just cant get away with dirty tricks like that anymore. They have been doing it for years and are so good at comfortable at it, they arent used to being challenged on what they report. They are being exposed by everyday "politically incorrect" people who have the means to get the truth to the masses via social media. NBC admitted to their "mistake" but the damage was done. What they did was convince everyone watching the news within 24 hours of the event, that Zimmerman was following Martin because he was black and nothing, not even an admission by NBC that the 911 tape was doctored, could undo the damage because 80% more people saw the original news report than saw the admission of crooked reporting. They new that when they did it. Very effective, NBC! Hope you are proud!
The Ferguson deal went down the same way with the networks airing the "Hands Up Dont Shoot" witness ....but they never went back to let the same audience know that the witness admitted he never happened. Damage done....nothing will undo it and they get away with it again. The events that unfolded because of their reporting added more stipulations to the Politically Correct Code of Conduct.

The media have no problem stirring the pot. They decide who to piss off and who to label the enemy.

The purpose of these tactics is to convince a majority of this country that what they consider to be normal or NOT normal is backwards and to make an example out of anyone who doesn't follow their script of who is the victim and who is the enemy.

By watching the news you would never guess that the LGBT community makes up less than 3.5 percent of our population yet their lives consume ALOT of news time. This news usually consists of targeting people who dont agree with the lifestyle due to religion or how they were raised. Those people who arent LGBT make up 96.5% of the population but they are SILENT today because the first few trouble makers who expressed disagreement with them were bashed on the evening news. Another entry in to the Politically Correct Code of Conduct..and its now the law of the land....unoffically but try breaking it and see what you get!

Today, just about every prime time sitcom and even daytime Soap Operas have added in a ton of Gay content just to convince the PC Police that they are on board and they like Gay people too. Its just so fake that most gay people should be able to spot it. Again...they are 3% of the population. If you try to calculate that by watching television today you would be convinced they are 98% of the population and THAT, my friends is how Politically Correct Policing works in the meda.

I dont think that Gay people wish to silence those who disagree with their lifestyle...some do but not the majority of them. They just want to be themselves and really don't enjoy the attention that mainstream press gives them. They have scored some good victories and just want to move on out of the spotlight.

The job of the PC police is to convince you that your traditional values are out of date..everyone else has moved on but you ...YOU are the only one left behind and if you dare make yourself known, you will be shamed in front of every big T.V. camera they own.

Similar tactics were used in Nazi Germany when the majority of German people raised concerns that the Jews might be getting some unfair treatment. The average German didn't have any desire for their country to invade Poland either but they were afraid to say anything. It wasn't politically correct at the time.

Donald Trump cant state the cold hard facts that a very serious criminal element is floating by our southern borders without facing serious backlash in the media. Once again, what he says is doctored, the statements are edited to sound as if he was targeting all Mexicans when that just wasnt the case. Those who are too lazy to watch the news or get the facts...rely on the Politically Correct Policy Makers in the media to feed them the news...and all they heard was that Donald Trump hates Mexicans. When those people get on t.v. and express their hatred for the words a man DID NOT really makes them look foolish and you kind of feel sorry for them but there's really nothing you can do for them unless you want to invest alot of personal time and effort into the cause and history has shown that sheep prefer to be sheep.

Ronald Reagan took on the PC Police. When he first ran for President he was mocked very similar as Donald Trump is being mocked today. What he was saying wasnt politically correct but it reasonated with the hearts and minds of the 97% of people who had no voice. When that happened they were emboldened....had no fear of the PC cops and they came out to vote. Their emboldened effort undermined the PC cops, they undermined a huge voter fraud effort...and he won by a landslide in every state...and did so TWICE.

You arent alone in how you feel. This country really is still yours....but the effectiveness of suppression is getting more and more powerful and the tricks to keep you down are more clever and more fianced than ever.

If you really want to make a change you are going to have to get off your ass and make your vote count...get emboldened once again and take your country back.


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