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Politically Incorrect 2016

Updated on May 23, 2016

The Origins of Fire

Events at the Nevada Democratic Convention last weekend have pegged Bernie Sanders' supporters as a group of violent, "chair-throwing", hate-mongers. They say we have become “embittered” as Sanders grip on the nomination has “all but disappeared”. If we are “embittered” at all, it is no new development. In fact, it’s what I believe has brought many of us towards this movement in the first place.

Should Bernie Sanders be held solely responsible for this uprising of "embittered" Americans? Or is it safe to say that responsibility lies in the hands of a system that has neglected its citizens for too damned long?

It is not that we have become embittered. It is that we were bred with passion and we are sick to death of the way things are in this “great, great country of ours”. And if some may appear to be a little more irritated than when this whole monkey show started, it might have a little something to do with the voter suppression efforts that have gone seemingly unnoticed by anyone other than the same voters being suppressed. How many people have been denied their right to vote in their home state's primary election?

There are many questions surrounding voting procedure this election.

How many registered Independents were turned away when trying to vote for Bernie simply because their state decided they must be registered as Democrats? For that matter, how many polling stations shut down earlier than advertised or only remained open for a few hours during the day while voters remained tied up at their respective jobs?

How can we trust this process? How are we to trust those in charge of our livelihood and well-being within a clearly unjust system?

We Can't... And in walks Bernie Sanders. A glimmer of hope for us all.

Who will listen to a silent majority?

"One loud Noise and It's Gone"
"One loud Noise and It's Gone" | Source

He didn't start the fire

Mainstream media would like Americans to believe that Bernie Sanders is being negligent in not taking action to dampen the fire within his movement.

They tell us he is disrupting the balance by not dropping out. That he is only fueling the flames to a fire that they want to give all credit to Sanders for starting. Bashing him for not ceasing the flame and putting his supporters in check.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that Bernie didn’t start this fire. In the words of the great Billy Joel; “It was always burning since the worlds been turning”.

Power in numbers

Sanders may have stoked the flames, but many believe that it was anticipated, needed, even welcomed. The fire should never go out and it is revolutionaries like Bernie Sanders that validate American's passion for a country that was once deemed the greatest nation on Earth.

Some call it “anger”, but perhaps those demeaning it to a volatile movement are the same ones turning a blind eye to the current state of corruption going on in this country. We want change and we want it now.

We want to be heard. We want a President who listens to the needs of the American people. One who looks out and see’s the jaded and forgotten. Who recognizes the disconnection between the people and their government.

One we can trust. And if not now, I'm afraid it may be never.

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that stands with integrity and the bravery to take on the 1%, the know how to pass legislation that meets the needs of the working class of this country, and that makes so many of us listen and stand up in his name.

A message to Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Your failure to equally support both of your parties candidates has been disturbing. Thank you for finally poking your head out of the sand long enough to slander Bernie Sanders; one of your own, and his entire movement. In a failed attempt to discredit the revolution.

Attempting to discredit the movement with out right lies. Chair throwing? Threats of violence? Non-sense and non-factual.

But please let's pardon Hillary and her employed trolls of which are responsible for the on-going harassment and privacy violation's that so many Sanders' supporters, campaign employee's and volunteers have endured for months.

Where do you get off justifying that behavior? You will not be missed upon your replacement. And you have only yourself to blame.


The Democratic National Convention's(The DNC's) Chair; Debbie Wasserman Schultz would like us to believe that the DNC has remained neutral between both of their parties candidates.

I assure you that is not the case. Unless what they mean by remaining neutral is to continue to rig state primary election's all the way to the bitter end and to do everything in their power to appear "neutral" while securing Hillary Clinton's spot in the general election.

If Sanders supporters are unhappy with the process; there are proper ways to address the situation...right.  How can we trust a a process that has ignored our complaint's thus far.  A process made by the same people that have blocked us at every turn
If Sanders supporters are unhappy with the process; there are proper ways to address the situation...right. How can we trust a a process that has ignored our complaint's thus far. A process made by the same people that have blocked us at every turn

What Do You Think?

Should Debbie Wasserman Schultz Be Replaced?

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A Burnt Nation

So if the DNC can’t handle our heat, get out of the kitchen. There is no extinguisher. There is no "break in case of emergency" for the will of millions of people who have woken up to the reality of a corrupt America. We will carry our torches proud and gladly set this whole God forsaken nation ablaze until we are heard and our needs are taken into consideration by those same people that have passed our passion off as a passing phase.

The revolution is upon us and it has been made perfectly clear that it will NOT be televised. "There was never a time where that has been a fork in my road." Bernie supporters do not see an alternative to what has been started. There is no longer a choice for the lesser of two evils.

We were offered a chance at real change and it was stolen from us, along with democracy itself.

America has exposed it's underbelly to millions whose eyes are so wide open they ache from the constant display of an unjust system that was never made to serve them.

"When millions of people stand up and fight. They win." - Bernie Sanders



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