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Respect: Me? Politically correct my ass

Updated on November 20, 2014

I respectfully agree to disagree

He said PC, politically correct, he actually accused me of being politically correct, and yes, I was insulted by the comment. The fact that I try to retain and maintain respect for anyone and everyone does not mean that I am politically correct, being politically correct implies I give a shit about what someone thinks or says about me, my ideas, beliefs, and or faith. When the truth is, I don’t. I don’t mean I want to offend anyone with what I write, do, or say, because I respect people as individuals and not as a whole. This does not mean I will call you names, curse at you, insult you, degrade you, or pass judgment on you, because you do not agree with, like or approve of me, my ideals, beliefs, faith, opinions. I just respectfully agree to disagree, and by respect I mean we should be able to speak and discuss our different ideas, lifestyles, faiths, religious, or spiritual, political, or whatever the topic may be, without screaming, yelling, name calling, cursing, harming, killing, maiming, etc. I seek to do no harm to anyone, be it physically, emotionally, or otherwise, I see no need.

The fact that people make a career out of mediating is almost laughable, no offense to the ‘mediators’ of the world, but what I mean is, it is sad that we cannot as human beings, never mind for those of us that are supposedly ‘adults’, engage in a rational, peaceful, discussion, one that begins and ends amicably, without a referee/mediator. Where all involved feel as though they were heard and understood, even if they know they still walked away not having changed the mind of the other party, but that each of you gained some understanding and insight from one another and remained steadfast in your beliefs, while still listening to opposing views. However, because we cannot, will not, or are not, capable of doing this, we fight, argue, kill, go to war, hinder, impede, infringe, trample, judge, stifle, censor, filter, disregard, deny, enslave, undermine, hate, and destroy one another. For what purpose? If I have to harm, hurt, insult, or degrade, someone, anyone, in an effort to prove I am 'right', how 'right' can I/it be?

I am no better or worse than anyone, nothing separates me from anyone else, not even my ideas, beliefs, opinions, or thoughts, because I am no one special. I’m not above reproach or above anything or anyone, I’m just a person, an individual, that believes we are all entitled to believe, live, think, say, and do, as we see fit. So long as doing so is not at the cost or expense of another, be it, life, liberty, justice, equality, or otherwise. As to whether anyone likes, dislikes, agrees, or disagrees, is of no consequence or concern for me, or to me, so long as it remains afforded to me, and to everyone else, equally. This is why I am neither religious nor political and why I despise ‘discussions’ about politics and religion. I am completely ignorant of any facts, in both regards, and aspects, to both topics; therefore, there is no debate or argument to be had. This does not mean I agree, condone, like, or approve of what someone else says, does, believes, lives, loves, worships, etc. I just respectfully request you give me the same respect you would if I did agree with you, however much we may disagree.

No two people feel, believe, think, experience, lives, loves, likes, views, or interprets, any one thing, exactly the same, in the exact same way, at the exact same time, we are all, individually, distinctly, unique and separate in this manner, and in many other manners as well. Therefore, we all run the risk of offending and or upsetting, even hurting or harming another individual, be it emotionally or otherwise, intentionally or unintentionally, and vice versa, the trick is to try and maintain and afford one another the respect that each of us as individuals, as human beings, are entitled to.

What you do, what you believe, how you live, whom you love, whom or what you worship, believe in, whatever your race, gender, faith, or persuasion, is not for me to judge or pass judgment; I’m in no position to. As I stated previously, I am ignorant to facts, I know nothing about anything and even less about how or what to do about any of it. I am just someone with her own ideas, opinions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, that chooses to express them, and I can, will, and try to remain open to learn, acknowledge, and afford others, the same right to express theirs.

My dad always said it is a waste of a day if we cannot say we learned something new at the end of it. I live, or try to anyway, to live every day with that purpose in mind. That I do so while remaining steadfast in my own faith, love, acceptance, beliefs, opinions, and ideas, while respecting others for theirs, is how I hope to continue to learn something new every day.

I may be wrong, I may be looked upon and judged, condemned, ridiculed, belittled, and mocked for my choices, decisions, lifestyle, ideas, opinions, faith, etc. by many, by some, and or by all, is fine. Everyone is entitled to the same rights as everyone and anyone else, that doesn’t mean we have to be disrespectful when expressing or sharing them. As to whether or not anyone agrees or disagrees with me or not, pardon me if I am not PC in saying so, but I really don’t give a shit. Just because we may not agree or see eye-to-eye does not and should not mean you are right and I am wrong or vice versa, just that we respectfully agree to disagree. If we have to engage in an argument, fight, or become angry when ‘discussing’ or sharing our view/views then I must respectfully decline to listen, acknowledge, or partake, in the conversation or discussion. No one wins in an argument or fight, it’s like a really bad sexual experience-you both walk away unsatisfied, unfulfilled, overcome with regret, feeling like you both got f@#!ed, and not in a good way.


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