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Politicians & Beggars in India.

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Beggers | Source

What do you and me know.?

Few days ago the media reported that the dead body of a beggar was found lying on the road and when removed to the appointed place and when checked for identification in his pockets it contained a huge some of money of over Rs.2,00,000.Such a huge sum cannot be kept if it was the real money he got from begging.He must have exchanged his daily collections in to higher denominations.Unfortunately it was the police who made public of this discovery.Our police known for their honesty did not disclose the denominations for reasons best known to them only.We the people know how honest our police are.There is no further news on this by our media,who pick and choose what interest them as good news to the public

The difference between the beggar and a politician is that while a begger gets by begging the politician gets by way of bribe though not all the politicians get the bribe many get by other means because of their power to get what they want like a petrol pump,gas agency or govt land to build schools which is a gold mine in India from baby class to post graduate colleges.There are so many other areas like milk booths,ration shops,road building contracts,major civil works,electrical works for govt buildings,house buildings for the rural poor and many other things which our govt managed works in many places including industries.

The beggars have BANK accounts and ATM cards and many of our politicians have Bank Accounts in foreign banks and there ATM 's are the people who frequent them for favors of any and all kinds.

There are laws prohibiting begging in several states however beggars go about begging at all places and temples,they are not bother about any law against begging as they are the ATM'S FOR OUR POLICE.

Politicians out number beggars but they are protected class and no police can touch them,while beggars can be beaten blue if their ATM machines do not have cash.The number of official politicians can be some number but that of non official politicians are clueless.The number of Police Men is never to the nearest sanctioned men in uniform,those who work in the homes of top police officers as cooks and peons are kept secretor made secret.

The number of beggars is no body's concern even social activists are busy making laws on so many things like corruption,human rights and rape as well as child abuse.They leave alone the beggars as they do not violate any law except the law on begging and thats not bad in India as even ancient sages were begging daily for their food from only certain class of people.

While politicians sleep in A/C rooms,Beggars sleep below A/C sheets ( Asbestos's Cement )


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