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Politicians and deception

Updated on August 4, 2017

Power Causes Corruption

Webster's online dictionary defines corruption as impairment of integrity virtue, or moral principle. It goes further to state that corruption is the departure from what is pure or correct. For some reason power induces, in some leaders, a sense that the law does not apply to them. Maybe it is the perception that they will not get caught. Throughout our American History there have been testimonies to both men who lead with integrity and men who fall from power due to lack of correct moral judgement.

Shakespeare wrote that power causes corruption. Power often causes one to feel invincible and above the law. It seems that politicians fall prey often. John Edwards admitted to an affair after weeks of tabloid headlines suggesting it. The latest politician to demonstrate a departure from what is correct is South Carolina's Govenor.

Even though the headlines now are about the affair it is crucial to watch what  happens after the issue of the affair settles. Will leadership in South Carolina consider the fact that he showed a lapse in judgement by failing to inform  his Lt. Govenor or allow him to step in and lead the state. It will not be the affair that could cause an impeachment hearing it will be failed responsible leadership for his state.

At first the news media suggested that Mark Sanford had gone on a hike to clear his head. Surprisingly enough his wife had no idea where he was.  Now the truth has been revealed. He too is another in the long line of political figures to fall prey to an extra marital affair.It was a reporter from South Carolina who met him at the Atlanta airport.

When public figures have an affair it appears to be everybody's business. Even though it is a private matter the public responds because the public has put that politician in office. Suddenly a very basic question arises to the public's mind. That question is: If he/she can cheat on his/her spouse then will they "cheat"/lie to me too? Over night the lack of self control that a public figure uses to avoid the pit fall of an affair challenges the public's trust.

Yout Tube


As many in the public follow the fall of a public figure.The pressure mounts on the family. Often times the spouse stands by as he/she listens to the public announcement about the unfaithfulness. Rarely does the public stop to consider the reaction and emotions that the spouse who is facing public humiliation feels.

John Edward's Wife Reacts

Money in freezer

It would not be fair to limit a look at corruption in politics to extra marital affairs. The Louisiana congressman, Jefferson, who hid 90,000 dollars in his freezer certainly fits Webster's definition of corruption.

Trial for Jefferson

Jefferson defeated in bid for re-election

Illinois Govenor

It would not be fair to explore political coruption without looking at the impeached Govenor of Illinois. He was accused of trying to sell President Obama's senate seat. His denial eventually led to impeachment.

Arrested on Coruption charges


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