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Politicians cause disharmony in society!

Updated on August 21, 2013

How rebels evolve in society?

The world is vast and our needs are little, yet we have developed so much of wants so as to envelope the Cosmos itself. A squirrel can eat only up to its stomach’s content. As human beings, we can eat plateful of food at a time. But we desire for earth and heaven simultaneously. This is the paradox of life. None is happy or content with their present status or their possessions. God gives each plentiful, out of his benign grace to humanity. Moderation has no meaning in the life of human beings today. See the life of a multi-millionaire. He has a huge mansion with number of floors and rooms to accommodate the retinue of a king! But the family of the millionaire consists of few members. What are they going to do with the number of unutilized rooms? Either they are locked or opened only during periodical maintenance. How much he can eat. A few morsels to fill his belly. See the dining table. It contains around fifteen to twenty vessels full of delicious food. He may hardly taste a spoon of each dish. The remaining items are eaten by the servants who number more than the family members.

He has no idea of the vastness of his Estate and properties. Some manager looks after the properties. Accountants take care of his books. He pays huge income tax to the government since he can’t hide the entire income which will be in the purview of the authorities. He liberally donates money to the political parties to keep his position safe and secure. This is the average life style of a native Millionaire. But he hardly donates to the poor and needy since he feels that it is below his prestige to dole out to the poor but he is happy to donate millions to the Rulers to be in their good books. One day, he too may participate in the Elections to become a Member of Parliament with his money power. He has several air-conditioned limousines standing ready at the garages. He uses only one car for his travel. Now, what is the use of his extra resources which can cater to the needs of many poor people? He can feed the poor daily, provide them cloths occasionally. For him, it is a taboo to think in that manner. Some people have written in the magazines that 10% of the world richest people hold around 80% of wealth and the remaining 90% have to satisfy themselves with the rest of the 20% wealth. This is the reason for the upheavals in society. This is known as the ‘great divide’.

Hence there is frequent anarchy in society. This is the reason for terrorism in society. In India, Naxalite problem prevails in many states due to the great divide due to agricultural land holdings. Very rich land holders suppress the poor and squeeze their labor and pay them poorly. They employ thugs to quell any uprisings amid the poor people. Hence armed rebellion against the land owners and the government has escalated much during the last few decades. The government finds it difficult to quell the uprisings amongst the disgruntled youth who join the naxalite groups, who promise justice. But the reality is neither the government nor the naxalites search for real solutions. Taking arms against the government or the rich in society will create terror in the minds of poor people only. Finally in the cross fires, poor villagers perish. This is the outcome of terrorism all around the world. Hence Indian governments have invited the terrorists and naxalite for dialogue to resolve the disputes and to bring the rebels in the main stream politics. But unfortunately none is in the listening mood.

Violence can never quell violence. Only peaceful demonstrations and dialogue can resolve the problems of the society. Much of the problems of the Nation can be solved, if the rich develop a philanthropic attitude towards the poor in the society and contribute their mite for their uplift. After all, Governments are meant for the welfare of the society. But to gain few votes, politicians really play dirty games involving caste and religion, region and backwardness to get elected. In fact, the politicians have spoiled the society more than anyone else.

rebels against the rich landholders.


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