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Politicians purposely starving people

Updated on January 22, 2013

Greed causes suffering

Politicians knowingly starve people–that makes them murderers!

Continually we hear politicians speak about helping those in need. We hear about the starving, unemployment rates, homeless etc. But there is never anything done, those same politicians continue to bring more instability to other countries, which brings more problems.
They say one thing, but do the opposite.
These same politicians also waste money on wars, in an attempt to steal resources from other nations, and destroying them doing so and bringing more hardship to them…and they say they are helping those nations. It is utterly stupid. I guess they think we are so gullible and believe their lies, or they just don’t care what we think.
The other issue I have with these politicians is the wasting of billions of dollars every year going into space, when that money could build wells, irrigation systems, build homes, schools, hospitals etc in countries that are suffering and in need. But they don’t go there, and the reason is, it costs money and they have nothing that those politicians want. The picture we get is this; Our Governments mantra is– we only go into countries that have resources we want. If a nation has nothing, then they are not worth helping; we turn a blind eye toward them instead.

In 2010 said that there were an estimated 92 million people hungry. That figure is probably higher, and now in 2012 we can be sure that the number is quite a lot higher.
The question I have for all of our politicians is this, “Why do you agitate other nations, try to start wars, spend money on wars, space, giving yourself ridiculous unwarranted raises, the whole while hundreds of millions of people are suffering?”

Where is the ethics, morals and compassion of those who we elect. Why do they focus on their own needs, rather than the needs of others?
What happened to humanity and selflessness?
Politicians have become self-centred and they focus on lining their own bank accounts; they don’t care about us the voting public, so I guess why would they care about those who suffer continents away?
The time has come for them to wake up and for us to make our wishes known.
It isn’t right that we sit back and do nothing, if we do, then we are as guilty as the politicians.
The solution to ending world suffering is easy, but getting those in power to look beyond themselves is hard…but it can be done.


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