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Politico in Brazil does not issue a removal order.

Updated on June 17, 2017
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My name is Marcelo Henrique. I am a commercial assistant, I live in Brazil. I currently work with internet sales.

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Photo of the day of the expulsion of Aécio neves.
Photo of the day of the expulsion of Aécio neves.
Photo of the day of the expulsion of Aécio neves. | Source


Senate President Eunice Oliveira (PMDB-CE) said Tuesday that details of the removal of Senator Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG) from the role of parliamentarian should be defined by the Federal Supreme Court (STF).
Euncio states that he has already taken the necessary steps to make him the President of the House, which was to notify Aécio. The rules of the Senate and the Constitution do not provide for the measures to be taken in case of removal from the Senate by Justice. For Eunício, therefore, it would be incumbent on the STF to determine additional measures.
Aécio was removed from office in May by Minister Edson Fachin, Lava Jato rapporteur at STF. According to the minister, Aetius showed commitment to adopt measures that could interrupt or embarrass the investigations.
The senator has been notified and has not since appeared at the House. However, the Senate has been criticized for the fact that Aécio's name still appears on the electronic voting panel and on the list of incumbent senators.
In addition, the House Steering Committee has not decided whether it will continue to receive the salary of $ 33,763 and other benefits such as health care and airfare.
"It is up to Minister Fachin, and I will comply with the supplementary decision that comes from the Supreme Court," he said. Said Eunice.
The Senate president answered questions from journalists about Aécio before attending a board meeting. He did not say whether the meeting would discuss the situation of the senator away. Eunicio wanted to emphasize that, in this matter, he will limit himself to comply with the STF's determination.
"This is a time for us to calm down the institutions, to have patience, to not want to play a leading role. I do not want to be a protagonist of anything," said the president. of the House.
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