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Politics - An Original Poem

Updated on February 18, 2017

Let us talk about politics,

It can’t really get worse than this.

So let’s do it,

We’ll talk about politics.

Our country is hungry,

And normally you won’t hear this from me.

But its true, our country is hungry,

For the most part politics don’t matter to me.

The hunger comes from us,

We want to eat each other up,

Nothing is ever enough,

Two sides of the spectrum, left and right,

All our country does is fight.

What about all the other dangers we face,

We hate our own citizens because of orientation and race,

And to be honest, at this pace,

Our nations will soon be gone without a trace.

This is not the time or place,

The potential of America is going to waste.

And our citizens are the only ones to blame,

It feels as though chaos is our only aim.

We should be ashamed.

Is politics now a contest or a game?

We should be focused on the good of our country, not just who’s who or someone’s fame.

The United States of America. There used to be meaning to that name.

Then the prejudice and the pride and the arrogance came.

You want to blame our president? Go ahead.

But when he’s gone, and our country is still in shambles,

Then where will you face your head?

Because right now, and forever,

All this hate needs to be put to bed.

Let’s talk about politics,

That used to mean something.

Now just a popularity contest,

Just find some agreement and take a rest.

Nobody even considers Congress.

Perhaps they know what their doing?

They were voted in as some of the best.

There’s one last thing to say, and I hope it clicks.

Just be a little mindful, when we talk about politics.

We all have different views,

But we are on the same team.

None of this is news,

Politics doesn’t have to be mainstream.

Let the professionals do what they do,

We don’t always have to get involved.

Because the fate of our country isn’t up to you,

Let us not talk about politics, and not have our country devolve.


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