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Politics - Bangaluru International Air Port.[ Breaking HUB - Now in all Airports in India.]

Updated on February 24, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

See Pictures of BIAL

90 % OK & 10 % Fuss by Politicians.

The Bengaluru International Airport so named since it is pronounced in Kannada as such the state language to be practiced by international travelers as if they love our country and want to practice several thousand languages which we Indians ignore our own mother tongue as we are never given any chance to stay here on a good paying job since years.

There are reasons also for this most unfortunate happening is due to the early The Princely State of Mysore now a part of god blessed Karnataka was ruled by the top Bramhin Community as the Royal Family found them the only creed amongst many who had brains in the right place located.

The reorganization of states by our beloved Prime Minister who never even dreamt that his party Congress will have to depend entirely on his family to run the country even if had to be a back seat driving resulted in the present Telengana Crisis like situation in the country.People who were selling ground nuts in carts run their cars Mercedes that too by drivers.They can't drive even their own cars but want to run the country.

This Air Port a dream of the Bangalore citizens took shape after none other than the country's giant Infosis Mr.Narayana Murthy headed the start of this project and faced several road blocks which he passed so well that today we have a Air Port for Air Planes made in Bangalore which can be tested in its own Air Port.A Air Port for Air Force and a Airport for training of Poi lets.

This is a 350 billion cake and who or which politician can ignore.God only knows how much is paid by BIAL for so many to remove the road blocks and even now they are many left to create all sorts of unwanted disputes.They say the BIAL must be headed by a INDIAN as if we are good at Managing Air Ports let alone Pot Holes.

More than 100 crore is spent on renovation of toilets of our Ministers who can stay for perhaps just four years but a road to Air Port is with Road Humps and we cant go to Airport in spite of all the planning the top experts took time to make with out a signal free road from old air port to new air port.When we sit in a Taxi and tell him AIR PORT he will take us to old Air Port wantonly and then he will go to new Air Port by which time your plane would have reached nearer to your place of travel like Madras just an hour flight.

The Old Air Port was a mafia center with travel agents to wheel chair attendants.The Taxi Stand was a night mare in the old Air Port.A auto riksha was a luxury let alone a Taxi not to talk of Bus Stop just a stone thrown away but would not enter the Air Port due to mafia control.

There was a shopping place an apology for one and so also a Duty Free Shop all well controlled by the mafia. The local politician indeed who else.These are their money spinners and expenses for future election expenses.They wont allow their unaccounted money spent on people who are stupids electing these people with packets of Biryani,Bottle of their Rum and mineral water added during this recent Lok Sabha election.

The BIAL authority are indeed a bunch of Intellectuals who have planned the contract that no body can intrude in their operations and working.No court can pass a judgment nor any Govt order can interfere in their plans.They are a company who want to make profit not allot their hard earned money to center or state kitty.They wont go till they complete their contact and by that time our politicians would want another Air Port in another city where they were born unfortunately for our country.

As of now all politicians are watching TV sets and seeing live telecast of horror and destruction being done in the state of Hyderabad and wondering what will happen in their own state where there is a need for a separate small state.The talk of the nation to have at least another dozen states and another dozen Air Ports,another dozen Governors,another dozen Chief Ministers another huge bureaucrats with their Blue Coats and Red Tye's with a file in a slightly bent position in front of their political bosses.

A top police officer molests a 14 year girl and she dies,he is promoted and he retires than after 19 repeat 19 years gets a judgment by a judge to put him in jail.even before the judge gets up from his chair another courts gives the criminal a BAIL and he goes home in his shiny skoda with ray ban glasses showing his croked teeth shown repeatedly over TV day after day.  

Let's Live and Let Live these Stupid Country's Stupid Leaders.


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