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Figuring Out American Politics is Impossible

Updated on July 26, 2012

Endless Struggle with Poltiics

Americans tend to be very extreme with their political viewpoints. Liberals and Conservatives clash in an endless battle to prove their points and attempt to change society for the better. Unfortunately this battle will never end because there are fundamental issues with American society that do not have a cure.

The first issue is that there is such a diverse population and large land mass to be governed by a single federal government. We have all ethnicities, religions, ages, incomes, careers, etc. etc... And then we have this diversity spread out over the fifty different states with their own different cultures and environments. It is simply impossible to impose federal laws that will suit everyone equally.

The second issue is social welfare, which is funded by taxes on the American people. Conservatives will argue that social welfare equates to communism ("from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs"). Our country was founded on the notion of freedom from taxes and government intervention. This is taught to every elementary school student. Furthermore, a conservative believes that if a person did not receive a welfare check and affordable housing, they would be more motivated educate themselves and work hard at a career.

So if social welfare were eliminated or severely cut back, would the system sort itself out and ultimately become stronger? Highly unlikely. There would be uproar. You can't give something to someone for decades and then tear it out from their hands. You also can't expect everyone to have the motivation or intellect to hold a steady job and budget their finances. Crime would likely increase as more people resorted to stealing.

Frustrating... isn't it?


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