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Politics Is Not Football

Updated on December 27, 2017

Politics Is Not Football

Politics Is Not Football

Politics is not football. Politics is real while football and I realize that there are those who will have difficulty with this, is just a game. That’s right, it’s just a game, nothing more nothing less and the sooner more politicians begin to make that distinction the better off, we as a nation will become. For too long now sports analogies have been applied to just about everything and while the use of these comparisons, in most instances, are pretty harmless, this form of reasoning in politics is disastrous, because unlike football politics is not a game.

Football is a wonderful sport, one that can be inspiring, enjoyable and entertaining for both and participant as well as the spectator. For the participant it is an opportunity to hone their individual skills and to blend these abilities with ten other participants, team mates, in a collective effort, for the sole purpose of winning, triumphing over, prevailing or beating their opponent. That’s it pure and simple. The only purpose of these competitions is to win, nothing more. Now there are, of course, a number of individual benefits derived from these contests but these are incidental to the game itself whose only purpose it is to win. And when the game is over it’s over. That’s it. There is little if any lasting impact upon anyone, winners or losers. The winner usually feels good and acquires bragging right for a year while the loser moves onto the next game on their schedule determined not to repeat prior mistakes, no one suffering any real consequences. Even in professional football the consequences are primarily economic and restricted to individual performance. So for the winner or the loser there are no serious or lasting consequences.

Over the past number of years football, particularly at the university and professional levels, has morphed into a huge social event and no Saturday or Sunday afternoon would seem complete without a BBQ or tailgate party, the overture to the coming game. Fans travel from great distances just to root for their favorite team. They will adorn themselves with team symbols, paint their bodies and behave in ways they usually wouldn’t, caught up in the excitement of the moment. Occasionally they will become a little too rowdy but as a rule their behavior is focused upon cheering for their team. These are serious fans that enthusiastically identify with their teams and do not take these contests lightly. They’re passionate, devoted supporters, but even for these die-hard fans, when the game ends it’s over. The winners celebrate, cheer and occasionally make fools of themselves while the losers can only look forward to next week or next year, but there is no lasting implication By Monday everything and everyone pretty much return to normal except for the predictable armchair quarterbacking, which has become a sport in itself.

Politics on the other hand is completely different. Politics can often generate much of the same enthusiasm and excitement as football and quite frequently is as competitive, whether it’s the election of a candidate to public office or the passage of legislation but there the comparisons end because in political contests both winners and losers are effect by its outcome. There are consequences, some price in some form will be paid, usually by everyone and those who don’t recognize that understand neither Politics nor football. Unlike football when these so-called contests end everything will not be the same, things will change and sometimes dramatically. Therefore, politics cannot be about winning or losing but rather something far more important, something requiring maturity, judgment, perspective, awareness and a sensitivity to others, even those who may have been the opposition. Politics is about finding solutions to difficult problems impacting our great nation. It’s about reaching out and providing a hand up to those who need a little assistance, it’s caring for our elderly; it’s about creating an environment in which opportunity is available for everyone. Politics is serious business and must be so conducted. There is no room in politics for winning, triumphing over or whipping your opponent for that is only done in football and Politics as we now know is not football.



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