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The Hypocrisy of Democrats and Republicans

Updated on December 30, 2012
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity

Why Do Democrats and Republicans Make Each Other So Mad?

Sure, Democrats and Republicans have some basic differences. Let's see: Republicans believe in a smaller government while Democrats believe that government can solve problems. Republicans believe in a strong national defense while Democrats believe in limiting the size and scope of national defense. Republicans are against abortion while Democrats are pro-choice. Republicans are for expanding the influence of religion in government and Democrats are for limiting the role of religion in government. Republicans are against same-sex marriage and Democrats are for same-sex marriage. Republicans favor corporate influence in government while Democrats try to limit corporate influence in government. Republicans believe in lower taxes for everyone while Democrats believe that taxing the rich and corporations is reasonable.

Does this seem fair so far? Of course, there are some Democrats who do not toe the party line and some Republicans don't either. But generally these are accurate statements describing the majority in each party.

If we can lay out the basic differences between Democrats and Republicans so easily, then what is it that seems to get everybody's blood boiling all the time? I'll provide an answer: hypocrisy.

No matter on which side of the aisle you stand, the guy on the other side always seems to be a hypocrite and there's nothing worse than a hypocrite because it appears that he's screaming about something when your guy or gal is in power, then completely tight-lipped about it when his person rules. What's really impossible about the current state of American politics is that it makes hypocrites of us all. Let me provide some examples.

Democrats are hypocrites because:

  1. They don't jump all over Obama for continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - Fact is, Obama doesn't look all that different from George W. Bush in how much money he's devoted to spending on our conflicts in these two countries. Democrats were vehemently opposed to both of these conflicts, but suddenly now they're pretty quiet about them. And then Obama has gone and created an additional conflict with Libya. Where's the Democratic outrage?
  2. They don't criticize Obama for his lack of Wall St. regulation - Where is the Democratic outrage over Obama's support of big business? Has Obama done anything to reign in Wall St.? The answer is no. He's done virtually nothing. If you attribute the last economic crash to Wall St. deregulation, then you were all over George W. Bush for his unwavering support of corporate America. Obama is hardly any different in his support of corporate America.

Republicans are hypocrites because:

  1. They didn't criticize George W. Bush for driving up the deficit - All we hear from Republicans nowadays are complaints about wild government overspending. Yet the truth is that the budget was balanced in 2000 and George W. Bush drove up the deficit to record levels during his presidency. Why didn't we hear any complaints about spending then? Did you know that under President Obama the debt ceiling has been raised three times already? Under George W. Bush it was raised eight times. A lot of Republicans voted to raise it.
  2. Republicans are leading the charge against President Obama's military campaign against Libya, citing the War Powers Act, yet almost every President since the War Powers Act passed has done something to warrant its mention, usually citing Executive privilege in defending themselves. Besides, Republicans are usually all for attempting to remove oppressive dictators from power when possible. Now they're against trying to advance the spread of democracy?

Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow
Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow

There are many more examples of political hypocrisy, but both of these serve to demonstrate the trap each party's members are in when it comes to maintaining consistency in their beliefs. Essentially, both parties believe that if they show weakness or criticize a President who is a member of their party, they damage the President's political fortunes along with their own. So instead they sublimate their core beliefs in favor of political expediency.

As participants in political debate, most of us do the same thing. To demonstrate an understanding of complexity muddies the waters. If I'm a Democrat and I express irritation at President Obama for continuing pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I add fuel to the fire of my political opponents. If I admit that I don't completely disagree with some regulations on abortion, it gives my political opponents momentum in their quest to make abortion illegal because they appear to oppose any compromise at all.

If I'm a Republican, I can't possibly attack President Bush for bailing out Wall St. or else Democrats will get the upper hand in the debate and they won't stop until corporations are punished unfairly and business is stifled everywhere. If I admit that marriage between homosexual couples is none of the government's business, liberals will gain too much momentum on the rest of their social agenda, which I think goes too far.

Ultimately, political dialogue in America has suffered mightily and until reasonable people with differences can come together and be consistent in their beliefs without fear that it will damage their parties' political prospects, political dialogue will continue to be maddeningly polarizing and devolve into screaming matches and obfuscation.


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  • crankalicious profile imageAUTHOR


    12 months ago from Colorado

    I would just briefly comment on your missive in that blaming LBJ for Vietnam is just not correct. The tipping point probably came under JFK. And Eisenhower, to a lesser degree, developed a lot of the momentum in Vietnam. Vietnam, in its totality, is a failure of American foreign policy as a whole, and not really ascribable to one President.

  • bradmasterOCcal profile image


    12 months ago


    The point of your article here is why I am neither a democrat, republican, libertarian other "at" " an":)

    Both Bush presidents were very bad. GW Bush was the worse of the two, he really took a wild shot from 911. Iraq was no different than Iran or N Korea yet we didn't invade them. An only stupid people would invade Afghanistan, for a number of reasons including that the terrorists and Afghanistan are separate. Afghanistan may have terrorists, but terrorists are not Afghanistan.

    911 was a failure of the entire US National Defense System, and president GW Bush failed on that day to take control. He knew of should have known the difference between the tests that were on that day, and the real terrorist attack.

    It seemed like he wanted it to be successful so he could implement his agenda.

    Neither president GW Bush nor president Barack Obama did anything to help the victims of the 2008 economic disaster. They never balked at the executives of the bailed out companies using the bailout money for giving themselves 7 figure bonuses.

    The 2008 disaster was the result of both parties not doing their job. And in 2007 till the election in 2008 everyone in congress was campaigning for themselves or supporting others. And the economy in the presidential campaigns made it look at the economy wasn't a big issue.

    The Federal Reserve Board was an integral factor in making this bubble burst be so devastating because they never raised the interest rate. Had they done so, many of these loans would have collapsed in 2007, and that may have been enough to stop the total collapse. But these loans were not threatened because the FRB made sure they wouldn't make interest rates trigger loan failures.

    GW Bush was as bad a LBJ with Vietnam another war we didn't win. And we didn't learn from LBJ's folly of Vietnam by learning from the failure of the French to win in Vietnam. And GW Bush didn't learn from the Russian failure in Afghanistan.

    Both GW Bush and Bill Clinton rode the bubbles until they collapsed. Neither the democrats nor the republicans learned anything for the dot com bubble, because the real estate bubble is the same, just the product was different.

    Bill Clinton was no way as destructive as were the Bush presidents, and Obama.

    And president Jimmy Carter just couldn't solve the Iran prisoner crisis.

    Ronald Reagan tried but he had GH Bush as his VP, and that wound up with the Iran Contra debacle. Reagan did get Russia to take down the wall.

    The two worst presidents GW Bush and Barack Obama took 16 years screwing the country and the people. Because one was republican and the other was democrat, they were able to screw much of the total population of the country.

    Because I favor a republican president, in no way means I am republican.

    I do like a few of the republicans, while I have to be truthful and say I can't rely like what any of the democrats do because they all do the same thing, that I don't like.

    Anyway, maybe an update of this article would be interesting, a lot has happened in the last 5 years.

  • jstfishinman profile image

    Bill Akers 

    6 years ago from Bakersfield,Ca.

    What I find most interesting, is that people want to see our government work together. Our Founding Fathers intentionally set up government to not be able to pass many laws. They intentionally set up The Judiciary to make sure the federal government, didn't take our liberty and freedoms.

    When the federal government gets along, every law that is passed takes away from our liberty and freedom. A lot of men have given their lives to protect that liberty and freedom.

  • Jewel01 profile image

    Julie Buchanan 

    6 years ago from Michigan

    A little over simplified but an interesting take on political issues we face today. Choosing to follow your hub, I hope to find those who are willing to be open to suggestions, and options for improving the current situations we face, and yes even getting those who just complain to finally do something constructive about it.

  • M. T. Dremer profile image

    M. T. Dremer 

    7 years ago from United States

    The compromise thing is what gets me, which stems from them all being hypocrites. I want political parties that can come to a consensus. I may not agree with the opposite side on everything, but I do believe we are all smart enough to come up with something that will benefit everyone. It is the lack of action and the name calling that has turned politics (congress in particular) into nothing more than a school yard match of dodge-ball.

  • GNelson profile image


    8 years ago from Florida

    Good overview. It seems like the party is more important that the country, yet it is the country that suffers the most. We are American first, divided we fall!

  • JT Walters profile image

    JT Walters 

    8 years ago from Florida

    I like the article but I don't think this country thinks in terms of republican and Democrat anymore. I think we are beyond those definitions now.

    Good Artilce. I am following you now.



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