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Politics and Religion

Updated on December 4, 2011

Religion should have absolutely nothing to do with politics. Decisions should be based on morality, and morality is by no means derived from religion. This hub will address the obvious immoral practices still in use today, in order to convince that religion should by no means influence political decisions.

Please bear in mind that I bear no grudge against people being faithful,I do however have a problem with immoral practices and the notion that religion should have any part at all within politics and the law. I do not believe that any of our decisions should be based upon uncertain Gods.

You wouldn't want to hurt THIS!?

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Moo :(?
The Traditional Caste System of India
The Traditional Caste System of India

Condom Instructions


Religion Is not Moral

Religious practices, whatever they are based on, by contemporary standards, are not not based on morality. I will now proceed to denounce each major religion for practices encouraged that are immoral.

Islam & Judaism
Ritual slaughter and the concepts of Halal meat and Kosher. Religious communities of these two faiths commonly forbid the practice of stunning animals before slaughter. The reasoning behind this is that of the need for the animal to be conscious when slaughtered. This means that even when done perfectly, the practice leads to animals suffering unnecessarily.

Long investigations by the British government's Farm Animal Welfare Council (1985) concluded with

"'religious methods of slaughter, even when carried out under ideal conditions, must result in a degree of pain, suffering and distress which does not occur in the properly stunned animal' (p. 42)."

Furthermore, in 1990 the Scientific Veterinary Committee of the EU advised all European countries to make no allowances for practices that do not include stunning when slaughtering animals on the basis that it is more humane to stun the animals before slaughter.

Apart from wars, crusades and the inconvenience of having it forced upon non believers (TV, door visits, inaugural speeches), ideas such as condoms are evil, homosexuality is a sin and abortion is wrong are all immoral and are not of any use to our society. With great thanks to Pope Benedict XIV, who forbade the use of condoms branding them as evil, countless lives were lost due to HIV in the trusting, catholic countries.

This religion features the adoption of one of the cruelest and most unfair societies, a racist, distinct, and shameless caste system based on family lineage. Inter caste marriage is forbidden by many families, and caste based organisations propagate the caste system, spreading widespread racism based simply on the tone of skin and family one is born of.

The refusal by many sikhs to take off their turbans to put on a motor cycle helmet results in an estimated 40% chance higher risk of death in an accident. This is not immoral to anyone but themselves as due to a religious belief, more motorcyclists will die.


Rather than base our decisions on antiquated tomes and scriptures, we should base it on contemporary understandings of what justice and morality is. A world where everyone is treated equally in a meritocracy can be agreed upon by most as a fair one.

Furthermore, nobody's beliefs should make them exempt for what the law is. That is inherently unfair. If I believed that the speed limit should not be 30 and drive 35, I will be punished. Likewise, if you believe that Halal meat is the only way to prepare meat and do so, you should also be punished if it is against the law to do so. There are reasons for why the law exists, and either the reasoning is not sufficient, and all people are entitled to rebel against it, or the law's reasoning is sufficient, and everyone should abide by it. At no point is it fair to allow people with particular beliefs to be exempt from the law, regardless of whether they were born of religion or upbringing.

Therefore, religion featuring unnecessary and immoral practices should play no part at all in politics, law or exemptions of it. If religion comes up with a good idea, it is because of the fact that it is a good idea that it will be used, not because it was passed down by a questionable God to humanity.


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    • Borsia profile image

      Borsia 6 years ago from Currently, Philippines

      PT; I will be the first to say I am no biblical scholar but I have read some, the first few sections and other bits on the fly.

      All of those things are directed by god to the children of Israel in one form or another.

      Sometime when I am rained in and really bored I'll pick it up again and see what if anything is changed later in the book, its not a real "page turner" at least not to me.

      I would suggest that you read the first few books and you will see the same things I saw.

      As far as morality there is really only one thing that everyone needs to heed;

      "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

      That btw doesn't come from the Bible and it was said thousands of years before Christ.

      The Golden Rule is just a revamping of it, even then it was twisted into a negative format.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 6 years ago from London

      Thank you everyone for your positive feedback on this frustratingly obvious subject.

      @indigital, don't lose all hope just yet, if you look at my hub "6 religions is dying" you'll see that religion in the developed world is falling drastically, as for the USA however, it will probably be the last one to lose religion altogether, I cannot think of a developed country whose leaders are more religious other than the Vatican!

      @Borsia, I was thinking the same about Buddhism and since you mentioned it I think that I will make an addition to this hub about it, are you sure about the murder, slavery etc of christianity? It does not show in their practises really that they would go so far, but they may just be overlooking those parts of the Bible I suppose?

      @Jenubouka, thanks again Jen, as you can tell, I also think that we should just be focussing on the problems at hand and not let deistic ideas get in our way of how to deal with the issues.

      Thanks again everyone,

      Philanthropy :)

    • profile image

      jenubouka 6 years ago

      Great hub, I completely agree. It frustrating that religion is even spoke of when discussing politics, like the politicians even practice what they claim to be anyhow.

      I don't see the relevance with our budget or low job market and the practice of a desired religion. Keep your beliefs out of it and just fix the damn problems, it what I say. In fact it would be interesting to see a leader with no religion run the country, maybe he would not be so conflicted all the time.

    • Borsia profile image

      Borsia 6 years ago from Currently, Philippines

      PT; This is a subject we agree on completely. But you have barely scratched the surface of what is wrong with religious beliefs and practices being involved in politics and policies.

      In the Bible alone slavery, torture, incest, adultery and murder are not only condoned they are promoted. That is just in the first 10 chapters.

      The only religion that, at least in what I saw, is moral is Buddhism, which is atheistic.

      The worst offender, again in my experience, is the US, for the most part driven by Christians but also by Jews and others.

      It is technically a secular country but the zealots are behind much of what goes on, including the ME wars.

      Bush, supposedly, was told by god to invade Iraq and Afghanistan 2 countries that had nothing, in the case of Iraq, or at most very little to do with the attack on the WTC.

      How many hundreds of thousands of lives were shattered? How many innocent civilians killed or maimed?

      To be sure Bush should be on trial for crimes against humanity!

      I am one who thinks that the US government shouldn't be handing out foreign aid, it should be left to the individual to decide, but Bush blocked all aid to countries and regions that supported any form of family planning. They are starving because of overpopulation not because of a lack of religion.

      BTW; I'm guessing you have never driven in California where the speed limit is 65, which we interpret as 80,,,lol;-D

      Good Hub BTW

    • profile image

      Indigital 6 years ago

      While this is brilliant - it will never happen. Religious beliefs are pathetically stunned across most of the world; so to even start a cleanse would take hundreds of years, and even when some religious people are faced with the baring facts they may be wrong - they still insist their is a God. Good Hub though.