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Politics and Social Issues Template

Updated on September 9, 2016

The Key to Creating a Successful Politics and Social Issues Hub

Many Hubbers are frustrated to find that their Hubs on politics and social issues do not get much traffic over time. To ensure that your Hub sees long-term success, make sure that:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. | Source

Alluring Images Are Key

Even if you are writing about an obscure political theory or social issue, it is still important that you include engaging and interesting images.

We recommend opening with a high quality image that draws readers in, as first images are often presented as thumbnails next to links to Hubs on site listings and in social media feeds.

Not sure what sorts of images to include? Consider...

  • Images of graphs or charts illustrating your research
  • Images of important thought leaders related to the Hub's subject
  • Images of the types of people or places affected by issues or policies discussed in your Hub

Ask for Your Readers' Opinions!

What do you think about issue X?

See results

Gain Intel From Your Readers

We recommend including Poll Capsules early on in Hubs, as they can enable readers to quickly engage with your work, however the Poll Capsule can do much more than keep visitors on you page longer.

With Hubs on Politics and Social Issues, we encourage you to use the Poll Capsule to gauge your readers' opinions on the subjects you're addressing. You may very well find some inspiration for future Hubs!

Consider Adding Some Infographics

If you cannot create an infographic of your own, we recommend finding one you have the rights to use.
If you cannot create an infographic of your own, we recommend finding one you have the rights to use. | Source

Stick to the Facts

Pretty much anyone can share his or her opinion on a political or social issue whereas only a select few online content creators have the acumen and ability to share objective facts, hence those who make an effort to do the latter have a fantastic strategic advantage.

To provide a truly valuable resource, we strongly recommend that you:

  • Do your research
  • Refer to trusted resources
  • Cover both sides of an argument
  • Utilize concrete facts, figures, and statistics

Summarize Major Facts and Stats in Bulleted Lists

  • Surprising Stat
  • Fascinating Fact
  • Cool quote

Use Table Capsules to Summarize Information

Major Schools of Thought
Associated With
Political Science
Socialism - Central Ownership
Socialism - Moral Critique of Captialism
You can summarize things like different opinions, changes in stats over time, and the opinions of major stakeholders.

Utilize Images to Supplement Your Arguments


Mind the Comments

Comments on Hubs within the Politics and Social Issues Topic can sometimes get very heated. Actively monitor them to make sure things don't get crazy. Also be sure to establish a clear policy with comment moderation and stick to it.

If you find that comments are getting a bit too heated for your taste (something that happens when you cover particularly controversial subjects), consider changing the settings of your Comments Capsule so that only signed in Hubbers (with clearly-attached identities) can leave comments. If things get really, really heated, consider approving comments before they appear so you can weed out the duds!


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