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'Politics' in Politics - Any room for ethics?

Updated on July 4, 2016

‘Politics’ in Politics – Any room for ethics?

‘Et tu Brute’, the last words of the Roman Dictator Julius Caesar to his friend Marcus Brutus at the moment of his assassination feels horribly current right now.

Without naming names, one hardly has to, the shocking truth is that our politicians in the UK over the last week are capable of killing off their close political friends in a savage, ruthless way.

Compare this to the Battle of the Somme, which we are currently commemorating, in which the noblest fought to take on a recognised enemy with enormous self-sacrifice.

Is there any honour in UK Politics? Or is it that Politics, the art of the possible, has always attracted those with psychopathic tendencies who need to win at all costs, no matter what the consequences. Do ethics matter anymore?

Perhaps this is a good moment to remind ourselves of what is involved in behaving in an ethical way. Let’s start with a definition of ethics – Ethics are ‘Moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity.’ So how would you score a leader of a Political party you know of and possibly follow right now? Rate them on a scale of 1 to 5; 1 = Very low, 5 = Very high. Let me know if you would like to send me your scores. I will collate them and send my findings to you. Should be interesting!

Start each statement with the words ‘This Politician…….’

  1. Is open, honest and trustworthy. They do what they say.’

  2. Is widely respected by others for being the person they are.

  3. Demonstrates personal reliability and consistency in their dealings with others.

  4. Possesses a high level of emotional intelligence to collaborate with others and create win/win outcomes

  5. Exhibits personal humility praising others’ achievements versus their own

  6. Demonstrates personal loyalty to friends and followers even if it is not returned.

  7. ‘Walks the talk’ when it comes to their values and beliefs which they openly share with others.

  8. Willingly supports others who are needy or disenfranchised and fight for their cause.

  9. Protects the vulnerable, gives safety and security to those who need it.

  10. Delights in seeing others grow to realise their potential, wants others to outshine them.

You may well feel that there are other ethical factors that should be considered. So include them when reporting your results to me.

If Politics is truly the art of the possible them presumably it is possible to be an ethical Politician and still succeed. Who knows? Perhaps the answer lies in the hands of the Politicians!

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