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Politics in the United States

Updated on August 30, 2018

Americans for America

The two party system we have here in the United States started out as a good idea. We had two opposing parties who would provide some semblance of balance in the government to keep one particular party from making all the decisions. The consensus was that each party would represent the thoughts, ideas and concerns of his or her party while working together with members of the other party to come to a mutually agreeable solution that would benefit both sides. This is what we call bipartisan politics. This all looks good on paper doesn't it?Let's take a look at what we really have.

We have two opposing forces in our political system that will stop at nothing to completely obliterate and destroy the other. They refuse to vote on good legislation and bog down the government with arguments and stall tactics. They put small provisions in laws having nothing to do with the current bill being signed to push a special interest issue or add pork and when the oppositions votes it down they use it and say "why vote for him he voted against this bill that would benefit you", not willing to admit the reason it was defeated was because of the harmful "small print" buried in the stacks of papers that make up a bill. Newt Gingrich among others (republicans)held up congress for months to avoid voting on legislation and contributed to two government shutdowns to make the current administration look bad, not caring whether this hurt the country he was only interested in trying to hurt the other party. Now this man wants to be president? There are several bills floating around the senate floor proposed by Republicans to create jobs and the Democrats are passing it around and stalling on reading and passing the bill on in an attempt to stall any efforts of Republicans in an election year. Part of the reason for elections, other than to give us a voice in who runs our country, is to pressure both sides into doing good things to remain in office, but instead they attempt to stop the other party from doing good things in hopes of making themselves look better and the opposition look worse at America's expense.

These two political parties would bend over backwards to stop each other from doing anything good that might hurt their chances of being re-elected or make them look bad for not thinking of it themselves. Something has got to change or we will never recover from this current economic and social situation we are in. It's time to kick this two party system in the ass and get something going. The current collection of whoremongers and warmongers we have on Capitol Hill need to go! It's time to stop worrying about whether we are democrat or republican, right or left and start acting like Americans and take back our country and tell these people we have had enough.

The Constitution of the United States is the greatest political document ever written. It brought forth on this continent the greatest nation the world has ever seen. It brought immigrants from far away places who wanted freedom of expression, freedom from oppression, freedom of religion and a voice in how they are governed. It assembled a nation of great people of all ethnic backgrounds and together we have achieved unthinkable things and discovered unbelievable technologies and we are just at the tip of the iceberg. We allowed people to express themselves and brought forth new ideas and philosophies allowing people to grow and become more efficient and intelligent by allowing them to exercise their mind and imagination. There is nothing we cannot accomplish together as a nation and these partisan politics continue to rip at the seams that bind us together. It's time we stop trying to interpret the constitution in a way that benefits the Democrats or the Republicans and follow it to the letter that's how we became the greatest nation in the world. I understand adaptations need to be made from time to time as we progress and new technology and threats arise but there is a provision and it calls for us as Americans to vote on any such adaptations or amendments. Stop letting these people twist the words of our Constitution into benefiting themselves and walking all over the most revered of all written government documents in the history of mankind. If we do not come up with a better solution we will soon stand again as a nation divided over some trivial partisan issue or possibly religious or racial wars.

I don't claim to have all the solutions to this or any solution at all for that matter, I only know the problem and no one man will find these solutions. It will take all of us once again to accomplish what needs to be done. Put aside your donkey or your elephant for a few minutes and take a look at the problem as an American. This current two party system needs to improve or go, we have way to much access to information in the 21st century to have to limit our choices to either of the current parties in this country.

Speak out about what you want, you may be surprised at how many other people want the same thing and join their voice not as democrats or republicans, right or left but as Americans.

I am ...............

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    • kkingcrabb profile imageAUTHOR

      Billy Joseph Ethridge 

      6 years ago from Georgetown, S.C.

      Attack people? There was no attack. I simply stated I never said we started in a two party system. You did to my hub what I am complaining the government does to our constitution you assumed what the words I wrote meant, even though it doesn't state it anywhere in the document.

      You assumed you were smarter than me and attempted to correct me in a public forum. You fired the shot,so to speak.

    • that one girl profile image

      that one girl 

      6 years ago from Washington state

      Okay, well when you say "it sounded good on paper," that seems to indicate going to a two-party system was a pre-meditated, planned action.

      Combined with the phrasing: "We had two opposing parties who would provide some semblance of balance in the government to keep one particular party from making all the decisions. The consensus was that each party would represent the thoughts, ideas and concerns of his or her party while working together with members of the other party to come to a mutually agreeable solution that would benefit both sides," it sounded like you believe and was promoting the belief that the current two-party system was intended from the founding of our nation. Sorry I offended you by pointing out that we sort of fell into the 2-party system, we didn't plan it.

      Perhaps the unwillingness to listen to ideas and the eagerness to attack people for pointing out when there is a misunderstanding is contributing to our current divisive political atmosphere.

    • kkingcrabb profile imageAUTHOR

      Billy Joseph Ethridge 

      6 years ago from Georgetown, S.C.

      Never once stated we started out with a two party system. I said when we started the two party system it looked good on paper, when in reality it causes partisan politics and is harmful to a productive government. We have only two choices when it comes to election time democrat or republican I think its time we all started being Americans first and we will be better off, but thanks for the history lesson I learned in the 7th grade.

    • that one girl profile image

      that one girl 

      6 years ago from Washington state

      Technically, we didn't start with a two-party system. Check it out:

      Summation: George Washington was elected the first president, and he was not affiliated with any political party. After him the Democratic-Republican party, born of Thomas Jefferson, held the gov./ White House until 1828. In 1828, the war hero Andrew Jackson identified as a Democrat (the "true party of the people") and ran as such. Democrats were the primary party until 1860 (except once when Whigs ran the house).

      The slave question and Northern Abolitionist Movement gave birth to a new political party, the Republicans. Lincoln was the first Republican president. Republicans were historically Northern/ pro-business, while Democrats were Southern/ populist. The split you're referencing can be traced back to 1864 (Civil War era), not the birth of our country. Republicans dominated for 72 years, until the Great Depression. After the GD, Americans felt so betrayed and stunned by the situation pro-business politics got them into, the Democrats looked pretty darn good. Since the Dems already had the "populist/ party of the people" line, the GOP redefined itself from "pro-business" to "pro-state/ individual rights."

      Anyway, long story short, the founders didn't actually set us up as a two party system. It just fell out that way. People like to have a team, and I think our 2-party system is essentially the result of team mentality.


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