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Politics of Taunting

Updated on July 10, 2014

Changing Face of Our Political Process

Our politics are changing and not for the better. We have forgotten the lessons of time and reality in favor of self-absorbed policies meant to serve a few. The Republicans have been practicing the Politics of No for so long now, the public is used to it. So much so, more and more people seem to have forgotten that laws used to pass through the Senate with as few as 50 votes. A simple majority. Increasingly the right believes it's constitutional to require all votes to pass with 60 or more votes, when in actuality it is an outright affront to our founding fathers simple majority legislative concept that is corrected through checks and balances from the executive branch and the judicial branch.

Example: Immigration

We have been talking about immigration reform of a serious nature - as in a complete overhaul - since the Clinton years. George W. Bush put forth a plan in 2006 and 2007, but his own party beat him down and refused to pass his rather progressive and comprehensive plan.

We talk about it last year being a "must make happen this year" item with a vast majority of Americans wanting something done to alleviate the issues.

Today, we find ourselves in a humanitarian crisis of such a severe nature that it's being widely noted on an international level.

More than 50,000 minors have been sent to our nation to escape everything from poverty to political violence. If the minor is from Mexico, problem solved. We can stand face to face with officials and ensure that an unaccompanied minor is being handed over to a responsible entity that will return the minor to their family in their home country.

We don't share a border? Bigger problem. In 2008, George W. Bush signed a law that stated the United States would not increase at risk children by putting them on a plane to another country without reasonable assurance that it was going to be safe for them. We were not going to risk putting kids on a plane to be met at the other end only to be cherry picked by sex traffickers or other people with ill intent.

As issues in some nations have increased, and parents who are already here have begun to realize they could get their kids here with the potential to keep them here with them, more kids have been coming alone. Creating a growing travesty.

Politicizing a Humanitarian Crisis

Our citizens fail to realize that our President has done all he can within the constraints of the law and the money provided to deal with the issues by Congress.

Our Senate passed a bill in June of 2013 (now a dead bill) with 68 of the Senators supporting the bill. A bill that passes a majority and a cloture vote is virtually impossible over the past 5 or 6 years, but they actually pulled it off. Only to have the House majority refuse to allow a vote.

So while all efforts have stagnated, our President has been left with one choice. Again allocated how available monies will be applied to address the immigration issues and prioritize the immigration needs of the nation based on the available money. He can legally do this through Executive Order -- which is a mechanism that allows a president to ensure a law is implemented in an effective fashion to the best of his ability given the resources at hand.

In turn, the House Republicans, led by Speaker of the House John Boehner are threatening to sue the president. They're not considering reinvigorating the immigration law, they appear to be in the mode of completely rejecting the Presidents request to provide funding to deal with this crisis.

To put it simply, they are putting their foot on the necks of 50,000+ minors in an attempt to make the president look bad. The Tea Party Republicans latest hostage taking effort. They simply don't care that the world is watching to see how the "strongest nation" treats the "weakest" relying on us -- they're simply to self absorbed at this point.

So our president, in response to all this has given them a choice often followed up with the taunt, "so sue me." They can work to fix the problem of immigration reform and/or appropriate funding to address the crisis, or go ahead and sue him. Even if they sue him, it will potentially take a year or even more to reach a point where he will be forced to stop trying to address the problem -- like the NLRB and the out of session appointments, it will simply be too late to stop what has already happened. And woe to the Republicans who stand in the face of a successful attempt by Obama to address this problem while they are standing in the courts whining that the president is doing something to make things better rather than doing their job and doing something to make things better.

Where Will This Lead?

November is coming and there are very few that the Republicans haven't infuriated at this point. Women have been set back decades in some issues, minorities of all kinds are being minimized through the old "welfare queen" imagery, voter supression is painfully wide spread again -- because Republicans have reached a point where fewer voters will benefit them.

Fewer and fewer are buying the Republican "dig in our heels and just say no" policies any longer. The Democrats have repeatedly been outmaneuvered by Republicans and Republicans have been repeatedly held hostage by the audacious threats of the parasitic Tea Party. Much to the Tea Party's chagrin, the country is starting to realize, that government doing nothing at all, as they have promised and done their best to keep that promise, means none of our problems are getting resolved and the pain continues to worsen for the majority of us.

What will all this equate to in votes for the Republican party in the future?


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    • Justin Earick profile image

      Justin Earick 

      4 years ago from Tacoma, WA

      Nice hub. Huzzah.

      The Constitution specifies the circumstances in which more than 50 votes are required. The filibuster is a Senate rule with no Constitutional basis, which can be tossed aside at any given moment with a simple majority vote (the constitutional/nuclear option).

      Dems are too afraid of 2014 mid-terms to do it (they should've done it in 2009, once GOP's 'NO' strategy was made public, and realized in practice). Pussies.

      Unfortunately, not enough (students, retirees, minorities, single moms, poor folks) liberals turn out for mid-terms. It's unfortunate, but it's reality.

      Had Obama actually tried to be assertive; had Harry Reid introduced far more legislation (rather than simply blocking votes due to poison-pill amendments to legislation, but putting them on record and calling them out), we may very well be in a better circumstance.

      Obama has conceded - and negotiated from a position of weakness - throughout his presidency. Yet and still he is seen (by right-wing nut-jobs) a tyrannical dictator soon impeached.

      The good news is that the GOP (Kochs) are going all-in on 2014. They will likely win the senate (though it's not certain, GOP can't help but nominate crazy people in red states), which is not necessarily a bad thing. We already have divided gov't - which means nothing gets done. Now we'll get an extreme right-wing congress juxtaposed with the vetoes of moderate (ie establishment) Obama, a (Reagan) Democrat.

      Honestly, losing 2014 may help Dems (win more state legislatures) in 2016. (Hillary, while I am certainly no fan, needs no assistance with these nincumpoops in '16).


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