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Politics of washing clothes

Updated on April 19, 2016


Are you free really?

Questions if the political system is two or three parties and every one pays taxes then are we just paying each other's hatred or opposing views? Think about the democratic side; If you hate freedom you still pay the republicans to have their issues aired on free networks and speech. Same with the republicans. I had once thought to keep it local but you may end up with states that only like one party, then would that be united states? Are they now?

My life and choices of freedom was damned and yet it was a free world, how do you support an issue by protesting and yet give tax money to the opposing party to shame it? It is a wash, really. We all pay for the issues that others hate one way or another.

Would communities and families be any different? Good thoughts on that even if their are bad members of the family.

Family values. How can you have values when you shame your family members choices in freedom? I am just asking because I never told my imaginary children to lie about their feelings to their face. I would welcome any and now I am think none here are mine, so why would I care. I cursed the Gods to chaos again to search for their own Heart, mine is busy with Steven, just this author. With held form my beliefs. I never shamed the house, the righteous, innocent and the damned were in nature one in forgiveness. Many houses where racists in belief, yet the bird like bees still managed to flock together for food and nectar. So did people, yet it took time to bring them together.

Politically if you support family values yet the party you vote for hates immigration shouldn't ALL immigrants to my beliefs leave? You damned my Heart once and I believed in you. I would be nice, like Minnesota and welcome all without the judgment I felt and feel here. They had in innocence judged what they never lived. Fair I am then in letting them be. I think if men don't want abortions, don't have them. You are men and if women lie and are found out, that is a relationship issue. Many times women used to lie and the stairs, when the uterus was not that large. Be honest here. Besides in my life I saw lots of children that were not wanted by anyone. Babies in dumpsters, litters in pounds, dead women hurt by rape, and the abandoned. Who would judge me my life? I never crime against women nor men like that. You know who did that and I would stand trial for it, because I never cared that much. Religions did that through judgment. Many children were taken in by the houses and shamed for their natures. Then they would be the Angels and blessed for they were the lamb of nature, the God before the named gods.

Choices. Do you have a choice? Yes, leave my belief if you hate freedom. I thought if you wanted to be a slave, be one in freedom somewhere else in freedom. Freedom is expensive, the garbage that was Houses that damned children to the devil and hell for being nature was a waste of life. No one should have scared children with the devil, because nature always welcomes children home to the land. The magic that once was belief was damned by evil hate. Think in your heart what scaring children did? It hurt their hearts. It made them afraid to speak about feelings and love, and ask questions about the spirit. We ought to have supported the magical thinking of children and listened to their spirit talk. Many times that is learned through visiting other faiths and temples to see what is similar or different. I did that , many times. Not everyone has to but it is fun to see what common bonds are present. Many creation stories are of birth, sacrifice, spirit, loss, longing for Heaven and some were about damnation and Hell. Mine would have lifted the spirit, not damned. I said I went to Hell a lot in my life to find my strength and to see if others were there that needed help, I would bring Heaven to them if I could. So they could rejoin the whole of life again.

Judgment, that was natural once for the moral lives yet in one book think what it does. It makes judgment of spirit. How does one have a judgment on the spirit in spirit? If you were spirit in life does that make you spirit in the spirit world. What if you were judgment in the physical world would you be judgement in spirit? I would say we would be in the states we need to be in.

Where is freedom too if children are brought up never knowing it? Many thought it was helpful to feed starving children in Africa until the money ran out and then they taught hungry children to have, then to want what was taken away. What justice is that? What if they took away what they need and want here? Like they did to Steven Philip Lindquist, myself? What would that look like? Try once.

I guess then the spirit of this place would be gone and nothing would remain or just the house would leave and spirit would be free again. Care should be taken in building worlds. There was a need for both. Freedom, that was hurt in judgment. The final judgment is never really known though, for it happens before anyone ever knows it, then you see the pieces of the parts you remember. If you never paid attention you miss the faces, the lives that you never noticed. I remember the faces and sometimes what is represented by the robes or skins they wear. A brother is a brother but is man and father too, just like a mother is women or a sister. Men can mother children and do so often in their life differently, women father children as well in the lives they live in duality like men. If you hate duality, then know you are of two sexes. Cursed like in the beginning to walk in tandem until the nature changes to spirit and someone other than myself does the physical worlds again. My cycle in development is complete. I cried, wept, lived, and sacrificed my beliefs and life for freedom long enough. You, Matter, can never repay the light for the bond it has to life.

Nature, as life was free to slaughter to and no one argues the books that taught everyone as the education of thanks deserved. The library, the quiet library was full of books in all of states of being. That they were all forms of beings, books, people, plants, animals, and the water that held the Earth in bond to Hydrogen in paired coupling is truth. It was also the molecular nature of life that was in freedom to create. Be known then, that life was in creation of all aspects of life.

Getting back to politics. We all pay for the positions we despised with taxation and support of products and lobbyists. If you really are not of the liking then manage everything, you can not. It was chaos always life. Ask next time, you will never see on the Earth the same as my life force. It took millions of human years to make it and before it was the time that never knew man's naming. Time being a construct that is relative to the life force and form. It is what time in tree lives? Depends on the book you read or the life you measure.

Steven Philip Lindquist or Steven Phillip Lindquist


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