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Politics play as a Football play

Updated on November 18, 2014

Who is the Fall guy?

People know and enjoy the football game as it is exciting to watch the touchdown in the field. But when it comes to the politicians to let their voters be led down the garden path, nobody is happy. That’s because politics is sometime a game when the population becomes a fall guy.

Everywhere around the world, the voters have to experience a soft touch after the elections. Nothing is different in the United States in America regarded as the model of democracy. November was the election month, now is the time to make the campaign promises true. In fact, it will be a critical and tough time for the electors who are waiting to hear this kind of bad words: ‘’Well, now it’s gonna our honeymoon trip.’’ Who is the butt of the joke or the play if, in place to figure out seriously how to rescue the majority of the population struggling in a perpetual decline in living conditions being daily worse?

The truth is that politicians are not talented enough to excel in the football field as the players do. Politics play is a touchdown for politicians, but a fall down for the population, the fall guy.


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