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White Privilege run amok

Updated on December 15, 2014
Erica Winchester
Erica Winchester | Source

Woman Calls Mailman N-Word and Slaps Him

This is Erica Winchester. She's aptly named. It might be said that she has a rapid fire temper. Winchester is an example of white privilege on steroids. She once threatened to shoot a group of people at a community theater. Threatened to cut off a cops genitalia and crashed her car while driving drunk. However those are just precursors to this video.

On it, Winchester stops a mailman, and ask him to take back a certified letter that she signed for and it turns out not to be hers. The mailman politely tells her that he cannot take it once she has signed for it, but Winchester becomes irate. I'll let you watch the rest for yourself.

This is grand example of what we African Americans call White privilege. Remember, I did say this was an extreme case, but let me give you some personal examples. I remember this lady backing out and nicking the side of my mustang as I'm driving down the road. I avoid a really bad collision and they threatened to call the police on me. I also remember the time a friend of mine and I went to a popular hiking spot and a cop came and asked us to leave and she decided that she wanted to argue with him until he threatened to throw her in jail. I remember driving down a major street in San Pedro, CA with a friend who drove backwards the entire way. White privilege.

It does not matter to me that she uses the n-word. I'm not even sure she understands she's racist because she tells the driver to call her an n-word. For me, it is signing for a letter that you did not look at, taking said letter, and then not taking no for an answer. The escalation of this incident is just the fruit of this woman's belief that she can do whatever she wants because she's white. The rules don't apply to her.

There is, what I like to call, a racial block in most of our minds. I do not see it as much in my 14-year-old daughter's generation. However, in my generation and those that went before us there is often a divide in our minds that is simply black and white. It's how we see each other and it's how we see ourselves, often times. Not as humans, but as black and white first.

It's time to start a real conversation about race.

For more instances of white privilege check out #crimingwhilewhite.

Does this happen all of the time?

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    • habueld profile image

      Bruce Bean 3 years ago from Riverside, CA

      Not around me she couldn't. I don't use it.

    • profile image

      brian 3 years ago

      I wish I was black skinned.

      black skin makes you look stronger.

      black skin reduces your chances of getting robbed.

      black skin does give you more flexibility on what you can and can not say.

      black skin has more sex appeal than white skin. White women love black men. Especially the oreos.

      black skin is good for protection.

    • profile image

      tony 3 years ago

      I am pretty sure if that lady was black she could use n word all she wanted to without being disrespected.

    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 3 years ago

      Black skin would make the average white man look like a legit badass! The race change movement is coming. White policeman will go undercover as black cops as they clean up the ghettos. White bosses will go undercover as black bosses to get more productivity out of black employees. White teachers will go undercover as black teachers to motivate black students.

      I just want to say thank you to robert downey jr for showing the c world it is possible for a white man to go undercover as a black man. And thank you to john griffin. A new day is coming.