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Poll Shows Tories Not So Far Ahead.

Updated on November 7, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson.

So it is finally here, this is the first day of the general election, after Boris, went to see the Queen, to officially dissolve parliament.

From now until 12 Dec, this may prove to be the most important general election, to quote Jeremy Corbyn, in a generation.

This is a battle between leave and remain, no doubt, this election will reflect this division in our country. It will also be and should be about the state of our nation, after 9 and a half years of Tory rule.

Brexit has happened, whichever way you voted, democracy in 2016 was that the leavers/brexiteers won, 52%, as opposed, remainers, 48%. However, since then, Brexit has dominated the political agenda, this is covering up the real crisis in this country, welfare, NHS, poverty, homelessness, jobs, immigration, etc. These things do matter to people who can see beyond the Brexit confusion.

This election, maybe a vicious, nasty election, when it comes to insulting each other. Indeed, the group, '38 Degrees', has launched a petition to politicians, to stop the derogatory language. This language has been used in parliament just lately, by all sides. It may be used, in this general election, hence the current online petition by '38 Degrees'.

Each side will make promises as in the norm during a political campaign. The Tories under Boris, have promised to take the UK out of the EU, thus appealing to Leavers. Nigel Farage's Brexit party is also ultra leave, so again, some leavers will vote Brexit party. The difference between Boris and Nige, are on display, for all to see. Boris supposedly favoured a 'no deal' Brexit, but did get a deal anyway. This deal was passed in parliament, but the three-day scrutiny, (for other parties to digest) was not passed, as according to opposition parties, it did not give them long enough to review it. Boris then parked his deal, until perhaps he returns as Prime Minister, after this general election. Leaving the EU, by 31st October, did not happen, thus Boris, declaring a general election. Farage favours a clean break, no-deal Brexit, then perhaps negotiate, a deal with the EU. Farage offered to do a 'non-aggression' pact with Boris, to become what he described, as an unstoppable force, to sweep all before them.

However, Boris was having none of it, no pact, Boris, will fight the election, on his own. Farage, then said, he will stand 500 candidates, in every constituency of the UK, though, Farage himself, will not be standing. The Brexit party may or not be a threat to the Tories, we will see during the time of this election.

For Remainers, there is Labour and the Lib-Dems. The Lib-Dems under Jo Swinson wants to cancel both Brexit and Article 50, also, hopes to be Prime Minister. Labour, have finally settled their problem, they are now remainers and in favour, of putting Brexit, the decision, to leave or remain, back to the people. Jo Swinson has ruled out any coalition with Mr Corbyn, it would appear the feeling is mutual from Labour's side too.

Of course, the remain vote may be split, between Labour and the Lib-Dems. The same could be said for the Conservatives and the Brexit party, when it comes to leave. Then again, leavers and remainers, could theoretically, get behind one party.

A 'YouGov' poll, shown by 'Sky News', shows the Conservatives are not so ahead, of Labour, as they were. Before Jacob Rees-Mogg spoke unflatteringly about Grenfell and the fire, the Tories seemed to be leading, now after this, the Tory lead has dropped, somewhat. Also, Welsh Secretary, Alun Cairns, has resigned from Boris's cabinet, two blows, Boris does not need. Of course, Labour, have taken a hit too, with Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, stepping down.

The 'YouGov' shows the Tories on 36%, Labour on 25%, the Lib-Dems on 17%, Brexit party on 11%, Greens on 5%, SNP 4% and Plaid Cymru on 1%.

Polls vary, and some, do not trust polls, while others do, only at the ballot box come Dec 12, will we know who has triumphed.


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