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Pollution- Are we polluting free things

Updated on July 12, 2008
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Let us think differently

Pollution is a very common word and we come across it quite frequently. We are bombarded with this word everyday.Lots of studies are being undertaken in this field and their results show us how alarming it is. I am writing this if we all can gift a pollution free earth to our future generation. This is just another reminder that all beautiful things that Mother Nature has given to us is Free. Not only nature, with the advancement of science, science too had produced lots of free gifts- but we are not using it with responsibility .

Free from Nature

Are we polluting more the free things we get. let us see where we stand :


The air that we breath is free. Nobody pays for it and it is free to use and what we have done to it

  • Filled it up with suspended particles and noxious fumes and made it a cocktail which would cause skin disease, breathing problem asthma and if you are really unlucky it may lead to cancer. You have to go to the doctor and you spend money to get yourself cured ( if your process of curing needs you to inhale pollution free air which would bear some cost).


It was free. Why I have used the word "was" because previously it was free from pollution and now it is not.

  • If you see a spring in the middle of the jungle please do not go and drink water from it as you do not know if it flowing through any dumping ground or sombody had dumped garbage in its path. Drawing to much water from underground has resulted in harmful chemicals like arsenic comming in contact with the water. Now we have to test the water and install water purifiers which is not Free. Rain water harvesting have come to our rescue and we have to spend money to do the harvesting.


Everybody is very familar with this word. It does not need any introduction. There are many forms of love- between child and parents, husband and wife love for the country and so on.

  • Let us take the example of the love between child and his parents. If they are working parents it is very tough. Spending time together needs great deal of planning. T.V and Computer games does the work of baby sitter - result is loss in concentration in studies poor eyesight and so on. Remedy to all this problem does not come Free. If love is lost between husband and wife it can result in break up of relation resulting in divorce. Falling in love is free but to prove it you have to buy gifts to prove so. Depending upon the individual status the gifts may vary but it is not Free

Free from Technology

With the advancement of technology we have received lots free gifts. Are we poluting them ?


It is free. You can open number of email accounts in Gmail, Yahoo Hotmail etc. What we have done to it.

  • We have Spammed it. The spammers are so clever they send mails, as if it comming from the mailbox of our near and dear ones. Another addition, without taking part in any lottery you receive 1st prize worth millions of dollers and to collect the money you have to spend some money. So it is not at all Free.

Plastic money

Commonly known as credit card. Previously Banks/FInancial Institution used to charge money, but now it is free. Banks are very much aware of our income and expenditure and lure us into the complex jungle of credit card.

  • Now it is upto us how to or when to use it. Each and every card has a time limit and if you fail to adhere to it, high amount of interest will be added to the amount spend by you. People are fond of online shopping and we are not sure the credit card data would be passed to some other hands, consequence a huge bill which is not yours.

I would just like to share a piece of information that a major flaw in the Domain Name system ( can result in imitating Web pages of banks or credit card companies) has been repaired and one can check whether the computers they are using has DNS vulnerability through this web address.

Incomming Calls

Incomming calls are free in mobile phones.

  • Result we get calls for banks ready to give us loans, callers from different companies trying to sell their products. Research also shows that too much use of cell phones can result is damage in brain.


I have highlighted few points to remind ouself to use our free resources more carefully and judiciously. This would benefit both us and also the comming generation. This would once again prove that we are rsponsible to the society in which we live and in which our future generation would be living. Last but not the least let us all keep Hubpages clean and Pollution free- a place to share our thoughts and to help each other.


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    • pgupta profile image

      pgupta 9 years ago

      Dear Amanda

      Thank you very much for your encoraging words. It was just a reminder that at least we can gift our future generation a beautiful place to live.

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 9 years ago from UK

      I loved your hub. A great play on words. And a timely reminder that horrendous as pollution of the environment is, it is not the only thing that is being polluted. Well done.