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Why You Should Never Say "I Don't Have a Dog in this Fight"

Updated on August 22, 2014
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Bill Russo is featured in the film & TV show, The Bridgewater Triangle & has written several books (both fiction & non) on Amazon Kindle.

"I Don't Have a Dog in this Fight!"

As a dog lover and former owner of canines, I get a little angry when I hear that phrase. It brings back too many memories of Michael Vick and others who have mistreated man and woman's best friend.

So instead of saying 'Dog in the fight', how about if we say instead: "I don't have a horse in this race." That phrase evokes images of the Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown, which everybody loves.

C'mon PETA and all friends of PETA, get behind me on this. Everytime somebody says, "I don't have a dog in the fight": stop them and remind them that dog fighting is not only stupid and's illegal ! ! ! So stop saying it!


Also, isn't it time that bull fighting became illegal? Most people of Spain and Mexico are against it, but the old boy network supports and sustains this horrible throwback to the Middle Ages. If you have ever seen a bullfight, you know that the torture inflicted upon the animal is cruel beyond belief. It's not a sport, it's butchery.

Here's some other things I have been pondering.

GM shareholders lost ALL of their money when the auto maker went bankrupt. Then it was bailed out by US.

US meaning us (us the people) and U.S. - (the United States).

Now it is very profitable and the company has issued new stock!!!!! The price of the stock as of July 2014, is almost $40.00 per share. It was $23.50 as of the end of April, 2012.

Should GM set aside some of its new stock and give it for free to the former stockholders who got wiped out? How many pensioners & other old folks lost most of their savings when GM went belly up?

I do not have a horse in this race.

I'm just sayin'. It would be the right thing to do.



In a supermarket recently, I was behind a couple who had a shopping cart full of a variety of items. Most prominently displayed all over the top of the food pile were more than a half dozen, expensive containers of hamburger.

“Wow:, I commented, “you guys must really like hamburgers.”

Oh, it’s not for us,” the man told me.

“It’s for our dogs,” the lady explained. “Food stamps won’t pay for pet food.”



In Massachusetts, three years ago, voters had a chance to reduce the State Sales tax from 6.25 per cent, to three per cent. A massive campaign launched by the vested interests, promised nothing less than Armageddon if the tax were reduced.

Schools would be closed, local aid would be cut. Firefighters would be laid off. Streets would not be repaired. Police Officers would lose their jobs. There would be no money for towns and cities. The municipalities would not be able to provide services. There would be no snow plowing, no rubbish pickups, etc.

The voters, properly cowered, caved in and kept the tax at its high rung on the ladder. Please note that neighboring New Hampshire, has no sales tax,

Millions of dollars of Bay State money is spent in the Live Free or Die state; while Massachusetts businesses don't live free and they do die.

There was an early morning Autumn ice/snow storm just a week or two after that election. Streets froze. A small amount of slushy snow made the highways as slick as the ice in Boston Garden where the Bruins play hockey. Residents left their homes with confidence, knowing they had just shored up the town budgets and had propped up the politicians with that huge, sales-tax bonanza.

That confidence faded faster than the favorite in the Suffolk Downs' feature race, as motorists played bumper cars all the way to work on the icy, unsanded byways of the commonwealth.

Where were the plows and the sanders that the voters had just paid for?

Moral of the story. The voters should have increased the sales tax to 50 per cent. That way, after the politicians had been fed at the trough, there might have been a few crumbs left....and the crumbs could have been used to sand the streets!


The last three Speakers of the Massachusetts House of Representatives have been convicted of illegal activites. Two are in jail.

The third was convicted of corruption and was disbarred so that he could not work as an attorney; but somehow he was not jailed. He was given a morning talk show on the ‘Rush Limbaugh Leaning’ Boston radio station. How a convicted felon failed to do time, and was given three hours of morning drive-time, daily on WRKO, is a subject for a whole other rant at some other time. The felon quit the radio gig in 2012 after five years at the microphone.

Soon many more pols will be in trouble because, now Massachusetts has passed legislation to allow three casinos and one slot parlor. The lawmakers have added a provision into the bill saying that they will not be allowed to take jobs with the casino interests until one year after passage of the legislation.

HUH! This means they are getting their payoffs now and after a year goes by they will get another payoff (define payoff as a cushy six figure casino job, with little or nothing to do).



 I saw a commercial on TV, for toothpaste. It said that Colgate or Crest or whatever it was, was guaranteed to kill all bad breath that originates from the mouth.

Where else would bad breath originate?

It doesn't come from the big toe. It doesn't come from the rear end - oh wait it does. Well it's not exactly breath. Here's an idea, why doesn't somebody invent a product that would neutralize odors that get blasted out the back end.


Garrison Keillor did five minutes of stand-up about farts one time on his radio show. I thought the best line was........."Do you know what a CARGO FART is?

It's one that carries a load !."

With that sour note , I am backing out of this edition of …..

"I Don't Have a Horse in this Race, but..."


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