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Population in India is growing at an alarming rate

Updated on March 14, 2016

Indian Village people


Indian population


Child marriages and early marriages are common

Population explosion

Population in India is growing at an alarming rate. In umbers we stand only next to China. This rapid growth of population is creating many problems for us.

The 2014 census shows India’s population as about 1,267, 401,849 . It is early 17.5 percent of the world population. The country has a high density of population. After independence India’s population has more than doubled itself. In the years to come Indians may not have sufficient living space?

Many Indians are uneducated. They do not understand the importance of small families. Some feel that God takes care of every child that comes into this world. Child marriages and early marriages are common. Family planning methods are not practice widely. Some religions discourage family planning. Because of all this our population is ever increasing.

Steps have to be taken to check population growth. Now –a-days it is difficult to support more than one child. The idea of family planning should be given wide publicity. The age of marriage is 18 for girls and 21 for boys. This has to be strictly followed. People should understand that growing population rigs in many associated evils. With limited population aloe the nation can progress.

India population


Indian Population Control Strategies




Population control- The best way out

The best way to improve the environment is to keep the population of human beings within a reasonable limit.

A lot of pollution has been produced because of the excessive use of natural resources required for feeding, clothing and sheltering (housing) the ever – increasing population. It has been estimated by surveys that population increases in geometric progression whereas the food production increases in arithmetic progression:

1) Population growth

Geometric progression like : 2 - ---> 4 ------> 8-------> 16 ---------> 32 --------> 64

2) Food production :

Arithmetic progression like : 2 -------> 4 ------> 6 -------> 8 ----------> 10 --------. 12

The uncontrolled increase in the human population can lead to the following adverse effects:

A) It may lead to scarcity of food resulting in hunger and starvation. B) It may lead to increased poverty and decrease in per capita income. C) It may lead to inadequate clothing and poor shelter (housing). D) It may lead to increase in illiteracy. This is because being poor, people will not be able to go in for education. E) Illiteracy will lead to further increase in population. This is because illiterate and poor people do not know anything about population control measures.

The population can be controlled by spreading the message of family planning to the crores of poor and illiterate masses of Indian country and telling them of the advantages of having a small family.


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