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Pork Lingers in House Under Democrats

Updated on August 7, 2007

DEMS Likely to do No More Than Put a Little Lipstick on the Pig

NY Times Editorial 5-23-07


The Hollow Promise Reform Act

  • Published: May 23, 2007

The House's new Democratic majority is flirting with disaster as it guts key provisions of the strict lobbying reform it promised voters last November. Rebellious lawmakers, worried about their own career path, fought their leaders to defeat tighter restrictions on the sleazy, revolving-door culture by which members of Congress move on from an apprenticeship of merely serving the people to real Washington money as insider lobbyists.

"What you are telling me is I cut off my profession," one Democrat, Representative Michael Capuano of Massachusetts, complained in baldly defending the vox pop-to-riches scheme.

Such crass considerations defeated a proposal to make congressional alumni wait two years, not the current one year, before lobbying old colleagues. Now the rebels have even bigger game - the "bundling" proposal to make power lobbyists disclose the outsized campaign funds they raise from individual clients and package as one big donation.

This vital reform, like the revolving-door pledge, was a part of the "Honest Leadership and Open Government Act" fervidly promised by Democrats last year in denouncing the quid-pro-quo corruption that saw a few leading Republicans driven from office and on to prison.

For all the promises, the bundling disclosure mandate is in deep trouble as opposition mounts from Blue Dog, Hispanic and black caucus Democrats intent on protecting their re-election campaigns. The pity is that the proposal they are fighting doesn't even stop this ethically indefensible practice - it merely puts the details on the record.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows failure to approve bundling disclosure will reduce the Democrats' vaunted vows to political farce and shorten their chances of retaining the majority. Republicans are chortling, but the smarter moderates in their ranks better keep their eyes on the people's agenda, not the lobbyists' A.T.M.'s. A crucial vote over the lobby bill's debating rule is about to determine whether reform dies at the hands of greedy incumbents. They might remember that next year's voters will check for enactment of last year's promises.


It's looking unlikely that progress will be made by the DEMs in eliminating appropriations pork earmarks because many of the appropriations committee chairmansips held by GOP pork lovers will be replaced by DEM pork aficionados. In the Senate the new appropriations committee pork lovers include Robert Byrd who is responsible for endless roads to nowhere in his home state of West Virginia, Herb Kohl of Wisconsin, Barbara Mikulski of New Jersey who managed to include $4.9 million for beach replenishment in energy and water bill, Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, the champion of pork at $726 million, Byron Dorgan of North Dakota a close second at $746 million, Diane Feinstein of California, Tom Harkin of Iowa, and Patty Murray of Washington who copped $1million to provide wireless Internet service on ferries.

House appropriations committee masters of pork include David Obey of Wisconsin, Rose DeLauro, Allan Mollohan, the House pork champ at $327 million much of which went to foundations he established, John Murtha, Peter Visclosky, Norm Dicks and John Oliver.

Yesterday's (11-26) NY Times carried a long front-page article on the subject, entitled "In New Congress, Pork May Linger."


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    • The Lokaine Narra profile image

      The Lokaine Narra 

      11 years ago

      Isn't it intriguing we have published data verifying the "pork," but the elected officials seem to be unable to trim the fat?

      It doesn't seem to matter who takes up residence in an elected position -- Republican, Democrat, or Alien from Another Planet. We still have "more of the same."

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      lol nice pic title


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