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Updated on December 7, 2013

Welcome To The Portland Oregon Police State You Voted For!

I was driving my car late night one evening and out of the blue a police car comes up behind me with all its flashing lights on plus a blinding spot light. What was the police car pulling me over? I said to a friend I was giving a ride to at the moment. It did not seem to me or my friend that I had done anything wrong . I stopped at the red light and was going the speed limit. I was in the correct lane. We agreed I had done nothing wrong to be pulled over. Pulling over was difficult with the blinding police cruiser lights behind me. I worried that getting over to the right I might hit another car I could not see. I did it and the police car followed behind on the first right hand turn to get off of the busier road I had been on where there seemed to be no shoulder for parking. The blinding lights were behind me when I parked and a female police officer got out of the police car and came to my window.

I asked her if I had done anything wrong that she pulled me over. "No", she said , "you are driving a car of a suspended driver without the proper tags".

"No I am not," I said, "I don't know of any suspended drivers of this car and I have up to date tags." She asked for me where I was going repeatedly and I did not think I needed to tell her that considering I had done absolutely nothing wrong and she demanded that I tell her so I told her I was going from across one street in the NE direction and then she demanded repeatedly that I tell her where I was coming from as if that mattered or if it was any of her business. So I told her I had come from SW going SE. Funny thing was with all the emphasis on my having a suspended drivers license that she never bothered to ask me for the Car's Title which was in the glove department. If she had asked me for that she apparently did not need it because she just took my driver's license and proof of insurance back to her police car and left the bright spot light blinding me from behind with the police lights lights still flashing. It took some ten to twenty minutes for her to get back to me. I took pictures with my camera of how the police lights were lighting up the neighborhood in brilliant colors with an amazing effect and though of turning on the camera's video recorder and leaving it on to record the audio of what she would tell me when she got back.

She came back to me with a $110 citation that required me to be in court at 8 am (in the morning!} I would get a subpoena and I would have to go to court that morning and there I would have to "show her" that I moved my tags so they would be in the right places on the back license plate because my big crime that evening was having put the tags in the wrong places. What she planned to be at court at 8 in the morning to see a picture of my tags. Sounded like I was being shook down.

Who is the suspended driver she said I was , I asked? Oh that is Loretta, she said (I don't think I ever looked like Loretta. I told her Loretta was my dead mother , she died 2 years ago. I had never been stopped before and questioned about where I was coming from and going to before because of my dead mother's suspended license and if she had some kind of computer sensor in her police car that night that read my tiny little colored tags to see they were in the wrong places on my license plate then that machine should have told her my mother was diseased because a death certificate was issued by the same state with the uniform citations and complaint forms. I did mention to her that I thought she was on a fishing expedition but not sure exactly why. She knew I was not Loretta the moments before she ever stopped me! I was never treated as if I stole the car for that mater so it did seem it was a Caesar Chavez toll collection. On the citation what ever I am guilty of for $110 is completely illegible. I have no idea what it says maybe it is written in pig Latin? I asked her why she demanded to know where I was coming from and where I was going. Guess what she told me and my friend I was driving? "I was just making small talk". It seemed more like to me that I was being interrogated when I committed no suspected crime what so ever. Even my friend did not get it. What a great evening I was having and she never thought of apologizing for my inconvenience that evening. I don't even have to play the state lottery to lose money . All I have to do is be on the road for my next traffic cop shake down.

Ok I was driving on Caesar Chavez Blvd but that does not mean I should be treated like I am treated when I am stopped by police in Mexico. She had to be on a fishing expedition as she already knew what she was accusing me of before she stopped my car and she was already planning to be in court to reduce my $110 citation to the court fee of $20 which told me and my friend and witness that the real reason my car was stopped was because we were part of a toll collection effort when the police were not responding to crimes in the neighborhood but rather raising money for them and the court for Christmas?

Well since now I am willing to bet that this is part of some pattern of toll mining on the roads in Portland I was subjected to I asked the police officer for her business card so I can share her name with you to compare notes on the subject if the same thing ever happens to you. Get used to having to have your government papers on hand or your passport when on Portland Oregon roads because soon they are going to be demanding to know where you are coming from and going to just like they did to me when you did nothing wrong.

Maybe I was being profiled for driving an Impala and wearing a big feather done coat and orange hat on a night when the temperature was below freezing outside? This is the government that wants to give us national ID cards though Obama care and wants to put gps monitors in our cars to record every place we go so they can tax us extra per mile we drive because they waste our already high gas taxes.

This police officer knew my car before she stopped it. She knew I was not Loretta . She demand I tell her where I was coming from and going to and then told me that it was just small talk. My crime was having stuck the tags on the car in the wrong places because I put the red tag on top of the existing red tag not knowing that one went on the other side. The car was one I am permitted to drive. I had no suspended license and it never should have been an issue with a computer that if it knew that knew my mother was dead and that I was not Loretta--at least not likely. I was given the third degree with the blinding lights on me to answer questions that were none of her business for any reason. She said she was worried about the ownership of the car and never asks or takes the title to look at it. She just wanted to write me a big fat citation and make small talk.

Welcome To The Police State--Portland, Oregon , USA

Post Script: The yellow citation is interesting. Besides being illegible It says I have a court appearance date time and location of what looks like : "9/01/13" my arrest and interrogation happened on 12/7/13! They are expecting me to just pay $110 so I don't have to get up at 8 am on 9/01/13? I already got up that day I think.



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