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Possible Reasons For Celebrity Overdose Deaths

Updated on June 27, 2016

Where Does It Start?

The Rocky Road To Fame.

Let's face it now days fame is hard to reach. With so many good singers, actors, actresses, and entertainers it's hard to make it to the top. I'm mainly going to focus on singers in this, because they have the most pressure on them. When they first start out in bars and local clubs it is hard to get recognition.

The thing about fame is that you have to be perfect all the time. You can't go to a club and sing poorly and expect to make it big if your not bringing your A-Game. Gig after gig your sing your songs or cover song just trying to be heard.

Problem is competition. You have a lot to compete with, with singers like Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, or Michael Jackson the list goes on forever. You need to have something special and hope a agent or promoter is in the mist when you on stage. Bigger problems are getting duked into a bogus contract, or getting used and never rising to your full potential.

Singers have to be perfect, and when they finally find labels that are interested you need to read the fine print very carefully, so you don't get the short end of the stick to say. It is very easy to be deceived into a bad contract by not reading their fine print. You don't want to be the one hit wonders like in the past. You want to keep singing original content and not just be a cover band.

Just having a good band won't make you famous, you need to have a star in every position from singer's, drummer's, pianist's, guitar player's, bass player's the whole nine yards. You have to be like family stick together. If not you will fall apart at the first shot at fame. You may make a couple big checks, but soon you will fall because you fight with your band. so you have to have a tight group. If you can do that you might have a chance. The industry is a tough business and can ruin you in a heart beat.

Finding Your Stride

Getting In The Lights

You are going to go through tuff times, but by getting to be regulars at clubs is your first step. You will have to play mostly covers for the most part, but you will need you own creativity and original music in order to be recognized. It won't be where you sing, it will be how well you sing.

Sooner or later you will have enough original content to make an album, but you will need an agent to promote your gig's. After set after set you may get in the light and start a fan base. That is one of the most important things you will ever get at a small time level.

Before long a contract will come along and you will probably start opening for other bands, but this is a good thing because it gives you more recognition. The more openings you do the wider the fan base gets. That is one step closer to your own contracts and concerts. You will play your hearts out until it seems just routine, and you will be used to the big arena's.

Once you sign a with a label you know you have made it, but it is just the beginning. You are looking at a lot of work ahead of you. Sometimes will it will be easy sometimes it will be difficult. To keep writing original music is a hard task. Getting writers block happens quite a bit, but you have to push though it. If your going to make it big, you have to dream big.

Once you have accomplished a lot of original material others may start writing for you, which in my opinion ruins a band. Try to stay original, stay true to what you have made yourself into. But if you must have others write for you choose well and play it like you wrote it.

Greatest Performers

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Finally A Star!

You will probably work harder than you have ever worked in your life. Traveling to a new place every week, playing in city after city. It will wear you down quickly, and you will be making big money. you just won't have the time to spend it. You will get used to the fans and soon it will just become routine to you.

As routine as it gets, your fans will change and you will have to learn how to change with them, and keep up with the demanding changes. Once again it will be exhausting. You wake up not even knowing what city your in, or what stadium you will be playing in that night. That's the price you pay for fame.

You will lose all of your privacy, have to be escorted to your vehicle, deal with screaming fans, sign autographs, and deal with the camera shots all the time. Life as you knew it when you first started has changed, but there is no going back now, you have commitments to make, and fans to please. I thought about being famous more than once, but decided that the spot light was not for me.

I would not want the pressure or the fame that goes with being a star, don't get me wrong the money would be nice, but you can't put a price on privacy. You give all that up when you are famous your whole life in front of a camera. Every move you make caught in motion or in a picture. I personally don't think that is worth the money or the fame. I would rather just be rich and unknown to the world. At least then I could live peacefully.

The Bright Shining Lights Of Fame.

For Parents: A Guide For Addicted Children.

Slowing Down.

Once you reach a certain point you will be able to slow down. Not as many concerts and you will be able to relax finally. All the road trips and plane trips take a toll, not to mention the demanding schedule, but after awhile things slow down and you can take a breath.

Your life will be forever changed, you will be recognized everywhere you go. Soon you will have to go out in disguise just to go anywhere without being recognized. You would probably think to yourself that, this is no how I wanted things to be, but fame is a steep price.

When you are internationally recognized your life is never the same. People will demand things from you. You will have love mail, and hate mail alike. Some will think your immortal, others will want to kill you, so is it really worth it? I don't really have the an answer for that. I would have to ask a famous person to know that answer.


Where It All goes Wrong

Once you have reached superstardom and you have time to slowdown, and do things you want to do, you realize you have a huge amount of money and you will start spending it. This is where things can go bad for a lot of stars. They spend uncontrolled and end up in a downward spiral.

You begin to buy all the cars you want, you buy all the cloth's you want, buy all the house's you want, you travel to all the place you have always wanted to go, and in the end you have nothing to look forward to. You have spent money on everything you ever wanted, and been everywhere you wanted to go, and you end up looking for something to fill the void in your life.

Eventually most singers end up going to drugs. Some start off with the soft stuff, but end up using hardcore. The only way they can get away, or out of their mind is drugs. The longer they abuse the larger the toll it take on them, and they eventually become dependent on them.

One of two things happen after this, one they begin to self-destruct and wind up in rehab, just to repeate the process again and again. Or second they go to far and overdose. Hopefully they pull through and live, but unfortunatally more and more are dieing every day, because they have nothing to look forward to in life.

If you take anything away from this, is know that all the fame and money in the world can't bring you back from the dead. If you have reached the point where drugs is your only escape you are in a bad place. Get help because eventually the drugs will kill you, and there is nothing worse than to lose a shining star from an overdose. Watch out for your friends and family nobody deserves to go out like that.

Celebrity Deaths.

Stop It Before It's Too Late!

Stop It Before It's Too Late, Talk To Your Loved One's Before They Take It Too Far!

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