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Post war--Postponed -Post Haste.

Updated on November 23, 2009

Post war- Postponed- Post haste. ©-MFB III


Post war with its
bustling war posts
post hoc comes the standard
drivel bantered between
opposing minds
demoncrats and repuglicans
unaffected by any postcards
from their non-enlisted
sons and daughters
fighting there.
progress is posted daily
then comes the
"B L A M S" "
"B L E E D S!!" "D E A T H!!"
sudden regress
post obit but dare not
post pictures of our returning dead
post crosses quietly in Arlington
composte for the growth of freedom
It's post war with it's
haphazardly unplanned war posts
soldiers walking such posts
with stiff postures
ambush inflicted tension until
Arterial Bleeds
Stumps above knees or arms
leaving only a post for a leg
a metal substitute for an arm
and one more post traumatic slice
from the wars 30.000

and counting maimed
but next day the Washington Post
headlines read:

"Bush said, "It's only getting bad cause
things are really improving????"

Postulating, postpositive pulp

while a long hollow post

with a grenade inside is
launched at a posted spot
a dot on the horizon...

one modern postchase of death

one missile fired into a Humvee
a helicopter..a jeep
young boys postmarked
for home in flag draped boxes
post my poems.. shake my head
more dead in a non war
daily posthumous reports
posted on casualty lists
sacrificed to posterity
not the U.S.'s mind you
just Iraq's and Afghanistan's

post colonial condition
postludes softly play
across the states
in chapels, temples, mosques
post Mortem exams

determine cause of death
postoperative removal of limbs
to disposal facilities
peace postponed in

post war on war posts
hastily erected
post poems
and weep postscripts begging
the return of our troops Post haste
postpone this post war
and its bustling war posts
Why not post that
"Mr. Presidential Poster boy
for Commander-in-Grief."
post that and post date it

yesterday PLEASE!!!


Author's notes: This poem was posted on October 23rd, 2003.

Ironically nothing much has changed

on this date of November 23, 2009.

Please president Obama bring our boys home

for Christmas, what a gift to the nation that would be.


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