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Post Cards from the Vineyard, Friday August 25, 2011

Updated on August 27, 2011

Wellllllllll uuuuuhhhh, how do you like me now? I’m sure you have all heard of my proposal to streamline hundreds of government regulations which the Republicans have been whining about for the past year. Now let me warn you up front; they will immediately cry it’s not nearly enough; it’s just a drop in the bucket; the ten Billion my proposal will save over the next 5 years only equals the $9.5 billion in new regulatory costs added just in July of this year. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah that’s what they’ll be saying but I’m telling you it’s a start and a good one; after all just because the Senate and House failed to enact Cap and Trade during the period my Regime controlled all three branches of government doesn’t mean we can’t push it through with EPA Regulations. And like I’ve pointed out before just think of all those compliance officers companies will be forced to hire just to keep up with my new regulations. Yesireeeeeeee, new regulations mean new jobs so don’t listen to those Republicans listen to ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Oprah, the View and my old reliable Chris Mathews, they will confirm what I’m telling you!

Before I hit the golf course there’s just a few more things I wish to say about this; those House and Senate conservatives are reviving their battle against federal regulations; claiming that I’ve continued to issue job-killing rules during the debt ceiling fight while they along with the American public have been focused on the debt ceiling! Well nothing could be further from the truth; fact is my Regime has been increasing these regulations since Cap and Trade bill failed to pass the Senate in May of 2009, long before the debt ceiling debate came front and center; since then my EPA has increased the size of the Federal Register to 49,000 pages covering everything from paint to dust, cement to cars and medicine to livestock. Just think of all the new compliance officers these companies will have to hire just to digest and comply with 49,000 pages of regulations.

Now one more thing before I head for the links; whatta you think about this new idea I’ve come up with to punish companies that move out of the country just to avoid paying their fair share in taxes. It goes something like this any company that moves its corporate headquarters off shore just so it can increase profits by refusing to pay their Patriotic Fair Share the CEO of that company will be thrown in Jail; that’s right thrown in jail. We’ll call it the Patriotic Incarceration Fair Share Act. I can’t take full credit for this idea; it came up in yesterday’s discussion with my Fair Share Czar Karl Marx the VIII!

Ok, Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh gotta go for now; I’m meeting the head of the Muslim Brotherhood at 1pm for a round of golf. He says he has some ideas about the transfer of power in Libya since the fall of Quadaffi; see I told you my opening up to the Arab World was a good thing.


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    • profile image

      partisan patriot 6 years ago


      You either believe in the free market and get the hell out of the way and let it work or you believe in Socialism; there is no in between. What took place prior to Barrack Hussein Obama was the free market working. Well there was this one little problem where the Demo0crats tried to put people in houses that couldn’t afford them which led to the Housing Market Collapse which precipitated this recession. If you want more details read my hub 8 years of unbridled capitalism; the title is a Spoof on Queen Nancy Pelosi who tried to sell just that to the American Public as the reason for the recess. I go into great detail how the Democrats starting with Bill Clinton tried and were successful in putting people into housing they couldn’t afford under the Community Redevelopment Act.

      As for Globalization I’m sure you are not for isolationism; not in the world we live in today. The middle class that did not refuse to adjust did just fine; it is that segment of it that was and is led by stubborn labor leaders that refuses to adjust that is being left behind. Look at Detroit as the classic example; organized labor refuses to yield and as such jobs go elsewhere. Nashville Tennessee is doing just fine with their new Saturn Plant. Another example is Boing wanting to move to South Carolina but was forced; that5’s correct forced out of the country by the Justice Department of this Regime. Well how many American jobs were lost with that move. Stubborn Organized Labor was going to show Boing and as a result LOS PLANOS DE AIRE SE ESTÁN CONSTRUYENDO EN MÉXICO! The Obama Regime really showed Boing!

      I cannot begin to agree with your proportionality argument wherein you somehow compare the growth of CEO Salaries to that of their workers. Possible it is because we come from different backgrounds. Immediately upon graduation from college I went to work in an industry which was heavily unionized. I had a college degree; worked 24 hours a day 8 days a week, not literally of course but I was on the clock forever responsible for everything that went on and always on call. Most of my union work force made more than I did and worked when they wanted to; when they didn’t they simply marked off sick. I developed a disdain for the American Union Worker which I carried throughout my career. That’s why my perspective is skewed as it is. Management whether it is CEO, upper, middle or lower deserves what it is paid. It is paid for its responsibility as well as its availability. Labor is paid to perform a certain task which it usually performs as poorly as allowed to do so. There is simply no way to porportionalize the salaries between the two groups. If Labor wants to improve itself become Management! The fact average worker’s salary rose from $3.50 an hour in 1970, to $18 an hour, a 514% is a tribute to the fact Capitalism and the Free Market was working just fine. The attempt to bring CEO salaries into the equation is nothing more than an attempt at invoking CLASS WARFARE.

      Again Springboard capitalism is what it is. It cannot be regulated into something you or someone else would deem fairer. That is what Barrack Hussein Obama and his Regime are attempting to do; redistribute the wealth. The problem with that is the truly wealthy never lose; they simply take their marbles and go home. Atlas will indeed shrug if Capitalism is tinkered with!

    • profile image

      partisan patriot 6 years ago


      Careful; you're sounding a lot like a Republican here; but like you I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE so I guess I'll rush over to your hub now!

    • trimar7 profile image

      trimar7 6 years ago from New York

      Partisan - did you get rained out on the Vineyard - you left early. By the way - check out my new hub Mad, Mad, Mad... I realize that it doesn't take a lot to get your riled in regards to the government - but this one really does make me MAD!!! I work hard not to have a 25 or 35 dollar late fee while this *&^*&%^ government spends our hard earned money for NOTHING. Yet, they whine about paying their own employees. Yes that was me cursing in teacher safe language.

    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Again, I can't stress enough I agree with the PREMISE. I agree with free market principles. I believe that WE, you and I, the American worker, the American consumer, have all played a huge role in creating and allowing our situation to happen. The fact that it happened doesn't mean it is or was the right path. It doesn't mean it's the right path going forward. Globalization was sold to Americans as the way to go to get more money, better jobs, better benefits, and the list goes on. What we got instead was lower wages, reduced benefits, and the erosion of the middle class. All the while more and more goods were made overseas, and yeah they were cheaper to BUY, but the average American worker did not prosper as a result. Not really. Not when you take a look at where all of that growth from, and that's my only complaint. The growth came from a false sense of security driven by access to credit. I don't have the figures in front of me unfortunately, but I did have them in a previous hub wherein I went into much more detail...

      But over this enormous period of growth, IF all of the benefits were to be realized, then the average American worker (set aside for a moment whether or not it looked like he got ahead through the houses he could buy, the cars he could drive, or the vacations he could take) would have also seen his wages significantly increase. At the very least he would have seen his wages and benefits increase at a rate SIMILAR to what the CEOs and other execs saw in their own increases. It would stand to reason that if a guy worked and made an average of around $3.50 an hour in 1970, and now makes around $18 an hour, that's an increase of about 514%. During that same period CEO average salaries went from around $700,000 in 1970 to now around $11.4 million, or an increase of 1,628%, or put another way, their wages and benefits rose at least 3x faster than the average worker. I just think that when you put it into numbers it clearly indicates where the growth went, and that sending jobs overseas has SOMETHING to do with taxes and regulation, SOMETHING to do with the higher cost of labor...

      But again. Labor? Really? I haven't even included the revenue increases in the equations, but if these companies could afford to pay CEOs increases of $1,628% over this massive growth period, why did the average American worker not see his pay increase at AT LEAST that rate? The growth did not translate IMO.

      Again, I'm not dissing CEOs. I'm not dissing capitalism. I'm not calling for regulation. I'm not calling for mandated pay. What I AM saying in all of this is that part of our problems are that soooo many Americans either lost jobs, or lost good jobs, that credit really did become the best source for growth, and here we are. What needs to change in this country is not just government policy, but American mindset as to where the money comes from, and where it goes.

      By the way, in the worst economy since the great depression, CEO salaries have risen 23% this year alone. What does that say?

    • profile image

      partisan patriot 6 years ago


      First off thanks for the spirited debate; however this isn’t what we on the conservative side need right now. I know what is taking place here between you and I on Hub Pages doesn’t amount to a lot when considered in the overall scheme of things. What I am actually referring to is the national debate between the various factions of the Republican Party; we need unity in order to rid the country of the Obama Regime; there’s time for internal disputes later. Having said all that I will address your points one by one.

      If there was enough of a corporate uproar the main stream media would have no choice but to cover their opposition to the Regime’s Policies. Besides; they could call a news conference and get their message out buying prime time on the national networks. Just think how many people such a conference could reach if they collectively bought time during the Super Bowl; the NCAA Championship Game; the Masters; the U.S. Open and so forth. The stakes are just too high to allow the media to remain in the tank for Obama. As for Wynn, I admire him for what he did even if he is a liberal.

      I am all for agreeing to disagree regarding CEOs pay; however I like to put it this way; I’ll respect your right to be wrong! However this is what I’m referring to in my opening paragraph; by criticizing CEO’s pay you are buying into the Regime’s Class Warfare Argument. I still contend what companies choose to pay their CEO’s is nobody’s damned business. As far as their pay exceeding their regular workers by 400% to me that’s and apples vs. oranges argument. Their workers agree to work for a certain wage; they agree to perform a certain task, often that task is monotonous and mundane; they agree to work only a certain number of hours a week; they agree to having certain days off every week; they agree to certain amounts of vacation; there is one important word I intentionally left out so as to draw emphasis to it here, UNDISTURBED!.The CEO is never off the clock, the worker is off the clock more than he or she is on the clock; the comparison between the two is ludicrous!

      I happen to be one of the naive that believe there are only a handful of people that are qualified to run large corps. At the CEO level. As such Companies must compete to get and keep good CEO’S. I for one believe you cannot accurately measure the effectiveness of a good CEO when companies are successful; it’s only when companies fail that their short comings are exposed. Case in point; Barrack Hussein Obama is a classic example of what a bad CEO can do to an entity; in this case that entity is the United States of America!

      I couldn’t disagree more with your Conservative Contradiction Argument. I contend if the conditions are right in this country; low taxes; less regulation and one final note that is never discussed; a Less Litigious Society the jobs will stay here. You see I came from an industry where employees were encouraged to fake injuries and sue the company. THE UNIONS WERE IN BED WITH THE Trial Lawyers; if we could have moved overseas I’m sure we would have because of that fact. Trial Lawyers are doing as much to run industry off shore as Taxes and Regulations! There is nothing contradictory about the conservative argument; give us an environment where we can maximize profits and we’ll gladly remain in this country. Business does not exist to employ people; it exist to make a profit!

      Again I hope you stay here for awhile longer; I do so enjoy our debate!

    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      I agree that more of the corporate powers that be need to be more vocal about why they aren't hiring. Some are talking, but not enough of them are, and the mainstream media isn't going to cover the ones that are.

      Take Wynn for example. AND he's a liberal to boot!

      As for CEOs being overpaid you and I will simply have to agree to disagree. CEOs are not paid to perform. They are simply paid to sit in their chairs and wear the titles. Not ALL of them. But when Bob Nardelli trashes his company's stock and walks away with $100s of millions of dollars that flies in the face of reason. When Hurd of HP abuses power and does something scandalous and walks away with a $40 million paycheck something smells rotten. When the CEOs and other execs of Smurfit-Stone take over $5 million in bonuses days before the company files for bankruptcy, something is not right there. I could go on.

      I DO think CEOs are important. I do not think they are worth being paid over 400 times what they pay their regular workers.

      I get what you are saying about capitalism. But I DO think as far as CEOs are concerned, it's not about risk reward at all. They are simply pilfering the tills. Why does a CEO get a pension? For what reason? But the average guy on the line does not? Justify the higher pay. Fine. They keep a guy working? Maybe. That is, if they don't send your job overseas because $50 million a year is not enough to be paid for one man, but $15 an hour is way too much to be paid.

      It's semantics. And I know I sound like I'm against conservative principles. BUT, I also believe that conservatives strongly contradict themselves when they say "let's create jobs," and then in the same breath say its justified that CEOs are sending jobs overseas, lowering wages, lowering benefits, and the list goes on. When you look at what happened over the last 30-40 years one thing is clear. CEOs went from making 40 times the average worker's salary to 400 times the average worker's salary. Why did those jobs go overseas? To avoid labor costs? To prosper America? Again, credit replaced wages. Debt to income ratios rose. Wages fell or were stagnant.

      And I point out something I've said before about "cheap goods." I don't buy that either. Not when a soccer ball is made in India for $5 but sells for $60. Ir when a pair of sneakers made in China sells for $74-$100. That's not cheap at all. Not when you consider the average wage in America is around $18 and the amount of labor needed to buy that stuff.

      There's a laundry list of things to respond to here. Let me just leave it at that for now.

    • profile image

      partisan patriot 6 years ago


      Unfortunately the business world has been very clear in making this point known all too well by their actions but have said little as far as a collective effort to vocalize what’s wrong. The only way the message will resonate throughout America is if business collectively called a news conference and enumerated for the main stream media just exactly why they aren’t hiring. That’s the only way the majority of Americans will ever understand what’s behind this problem. Those of us that stay informed are preaching to the choir here on Hub Pages and the likes; its main stream media that keeps protecting this Regime and keeping the public in the dark just as they did when they ran with the latest Talking Point TEA PARTY DOWNGRADE!

      Business will not vocalize their objections to this Regimes Policies because they are afraid of it just as business is afraid of all Socialists Regimes!

      I agree whole hardily with your assessment regarding the sea of endless regulation and taxation imposed by this regime. However I disagree with your assessment that CEOs are overpaid. What CEO’s are paid is none of your or my business; if the company is prosperous then what they pay their CEO is their business; that’s what Capitalism is all about!

      Companies will bring their factories back to our own shores when and only when it’s profitable to do so. As long as we have a Socialist Regime in power look for more companies to flee the Taxation and over Regulation! I don’t blame them; if I were a CEO I would be looking to relocate!

      As for buying American made over non-American made, I wouldn’t drive a General Motors Car if they gave it to me and paid for the gas. When His Majesty bailed out the UAW by saving their contracts with GM while stiffing the true investors in the company that did it for me. Never again another GM Car!

      I agree you cannot have a government body dictating how things should go in a free market system but what this Regime has imposed over the past almost 3 years now is anything but a free market system. This is pure unmitigated Socialism; Cap and Trade implemented through the EPA; Obama Care rammed down our throat and look out for CARD Check; Obama is losing the unions so he’s got to capitulate. He won’t be able to pass it because of the Republican controlled House but he’ll circumvent congress as he did with Cap and Trade and use the Department of Labor to implement it!

      In conclusion we agree on so much but are diametrically opposed with our assessment of what brought us to this point. You contend it looked like we were prospering and growing while wages were going down, benefits were being reduced, and the only thing that TRULY rose during these great economic times were CEO salaries and the average American's debt to income ratio. I contend that’s what Capitalism is all about; those that take risk; put in long hours; rise through the corporate ranks or invest in their own ideas should be rewarded. Those that play it safe, work the nine to five jobs with weekends off should not reap the same benefits those that take the risk and invest more of themselves do!!!!!!!!

    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      All this guy does is stifle jobs, and I think the business world has been very clear in making this point known all too well. You simply CANNOT run fluid business in a sea of endless regulation and taxation. Now, as I've said in many a hub here, I DO think that CEOs are overpaid, and I DO think that companies need to bring their factories back to our own shores—BUT, I'm also a free markets guy, and so I believe that (God forbid) companies operate through supply and demand, and so if Americans make the choice to buy American made over non-American made, companies will have to make sure more American made products go on the shelves. That's Americans making a choice to bring jobs home, and companies choosing to go where the profits are.

      I talk about this in greater detail in one of my hubs "A Survey Servers As Another Reminder to Buy American," but the gist of it is simple. You cannot have a government body dictating how things should go in a free market system. You have to allow things to take a natural course, otherwise everything just gets inflated and you start whittling away at any possibility for sustaining real growth.

      In a way the credit markets kind of did the same made it LOOK like we were prospering and growing. All the while wages were going down, benefits were being reduced, and the only thing that TRULY rose during these great economic times were CEO salaries and the average American's debt to income ratio.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 6 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Irene chased him from his vacation. Well, I'll be!

      The Frog

    • profile image

      partisan patriot 6 years ago

      Thanks Pop

      I wonder how he plans to stop Irene; guess he'll use the same tactic he used to "plug the hole" and Kill Ben Laden and save the economy from that last depression; you know the old Me-Myself and I method

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 6 years ago

      I think the meeting with the head of the Muslim Brotherhood should be productive. They can compare notes on how to completely dismantle a nation. Up and awesome and funny.