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Potter's And Plotter's Fields

Updated on October 19, 2009


Potter's and Plotter's Fieldson





Somewhere deep

within the numerous
landfills that dot New York,
lie remnants of those not identified,
miniscule bits of life that were complete,
till two planes gave them each new destinations.

Folks blended into bulldozed U.S.soil,
though most were many nationalities,
they make their graves within the melting pot,
home for the brave who died and were set free.

I weep for these who never got a stone,
or flowers brought each year by cherished kin,
their empty coffins lie in their hometowns,
and mark the spots they'll never occupy.

The Mail clerk,

and the secretary both,
on common ground with

rich investors killed,
the millionaires and

waitresses as one,
perhaps it is the landfills

we should cherish.

Anonymous they all

went to their glory,
in most unglorious ways

they dissappeared,
but they should haunt us most

because they proved
equality in death ....

even as tragic as this,
from circumstances

far beyond control.

And so upon this date

it's them I honor,
asking each reader

"Take a breath and pause,
Then hope that soon we'll

decimate the cause
and leave Bin in a landfill of his own
unmarked by any martyr's monument
a dimpled crater in huge mounds of trash.


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