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Poverty: A Holistic Definition- Social Poverty

Updated on March 26, 2011

 In other hubs I have defined poverty as a lack in one or more of five key areas of our life. The areas include our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social makeup. If we are weak or lacking in these areas it leads to an impoverished life. A person who is strong in these areas but lacks financial resources can still be truly wealthy. In this hub we will look at social poverty.

Social Poverty Defined

 Social poverty happens when a person lacks the ability to relate to other people in a healthy way. Many people live in unhealthy relationships which leads to fights, resentments and lack of peace. Too, people live in co-dependent relationships, unable to live in a truly connected way. Following are some reasons people experience social poverty and ways to overcome it.

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Reasons For Social Poverty

1. They were never taught or saw good relationships

Many people in our world never saw good relationships growing up. They may have lived in homes where the parents fought, were on drugs or worked all the time. Many people I know who struggle in this area had families who were to themselves and would distance anyone who dared to get close. So, these people who are now adults do not know how to relate to others. They may simply be unaware that there is a better way to live with others.

2. In today's culture people tend not to work out problems

Especially in Western culture we want the easy road. We shy away from the difficult work that healthy and fulfilling relationships require. Divorce, breakups, and ending friendships often seems easier than taking the long, hard road when problems arise.

3. Addictions

I work with a lot of people who experience addiction. When a person is struggling with an addiction, whether drugs, alcohol, shopping, or work, they find it very difficult to hold a relationship together. Since healthy relationships require time and effort it becomes impossible to deal with relationships when a person is consumed with addiction.

4. Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness is a common root of social poverty. When a person allows unforgiveness to occur then resentment and bitterness set in. Soon, the person is pushing away anyone who tries to get close. They becomes impoverished due to loneliness and depression that stem from there own actions.

5. Rejection

       When you have been rejected it is hard to trust. Trust is a must in a healthy relationship. If you have been repeatedly rejected it is easy to lose hope and give up on people. If you have dealt with rejection I encourage you to read on. There is hope

How to Overcome Social Poverty

The good news is that if you are dealing with social poverty you can overcome with some work and the right tools. Here are some steps to take to overcome social poverty.

1. Learn how to live with others

If you have never really known how to live in a healthy relationship I encourage you to get counseling or to look into other resources for learning how to have a good social life. There are many good websites that help direct you to resources and that help with discovering what a healthy relationship is.

Too, you can surround yourself with people who are strong socially and learn from them how to live a socially satisfying life.

2. Make relationship a priority

    Since healthy relationships require time and effort, then you will need to make them a priority. You cannot expect relationships to just happen. You need to apply yourself. You need to be involved consistently in the other person's life. Being socially strong means no longer living for yourself and doing everything in your time and on your terms. You need to consider the other person.

3. Deal with addiction

    If you are dealing with an addiction, you will need help to overcome. First, you must be determined to overcome the addiction. No program can do it for you. You may need to get onto a treatment center, but the most they can do is give you tools. It's up to you to walk away from the addiction. Too, you will need to break away from the people who are helping you stay in your addiction. If you remain with them, then you will go back. You will need to develop new relationships with people who are clean and sober. You will need to be in new places that are positive.

4. Forgive

    I cannot say that enough. Unforgiveness is such a deadly disease to relationships. The first thing that you must remember is that you aren't perfect. To expect others to be perfect is to be a hypocrite. Forgiveness causes you to let go of the problem, to step towards the other person and to work towards reconciliation. Remember, that other person is worth your time. Some relationships you will never be able to resolve due to the other person's unwillingness to work things out. However, we must treat others the way we want to be treated.

5. Never give up hope

     If you have dealt with rejection it is easy to give up hope of ever being in a healthy, accepting relationship. However, don't give up. It only takes one person to come along who loves you and accepts you for who you are. The reality is that we live in a selfish world. But there are good, loving people around. If you wait and pray, you can cross paths with a wonderful person who will put as much effort into you and you will put into them.

 There you have it. Having a strong, fulfilling social life is so rewarding. It takes a lot of work, but there are many times when the relationship just flows as well. If you struggle in this area of your life I encourage you to not give up, but to take hope and move forward towards the positive people in you life


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