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Poverty Analysis of the Bronx: Why Recovery Won't Be Imminent

Updated on February 17, 2016
Bronx under construction, Don't let it repel you from visiting.
Bronx under construction, Don't let it repel you from visiting.

Historical Prologue

The unfortunate development of poverty in the Bronx has carried over to the afflictions that plague it’s residence with poor health care and a lack of well being spanning through many generations. It seems as though poverty now causes poor overall health in a certain population regardless of health insurance, the number of hospitals and clinics around and the number stop smoking commercials.

Such detrimental outcomes of poverty now denigrate the area with a ranking of worst in socioeconomic factors that include unemployment, street crime and low education. At Least its safe to say that the Bronx has gathered greater ratings for behavioral health factors and a disheveling crime rate lowered down by 75%. Somehow dietary health exists because of the mass diversity and healthier habits of foreign people. The Bronx has never been an interesting place to visit or even reside in perhaps due to the fact that their are much worse problems that plague this country.

The negativity of this county is a harbinger to the terrible acts such as the exploitation of welfare and the many services that provide free income for those in need. This vulnerable county has yet to face with feckless individuals that influence many of the younger generation of delinquency. It is quite ironic that the Bronx has terrible when in fact their is a growing number of access to healthy foods, gyms and health care. Personal health is most of the time ignored by the masses of the state but the Bronx takes a large toll on it. so far “News Twelve The Bronx” has many stories about all the fruit stands and healthy alternatives going into business in support of healthy eating in order to reduce existing obesity.

Cold Hard Facts Behind a Warm Welcoming Billboard

Shrewd Statistics

About one in five Bronx residents begun living in its worse conditions after making through the prodigious force of the recession that hit in 2009. Household income has reduced to a lower stature of very low class earnings unable to support an average family. Since then more Hispanics and blacks have turned to the government for assistance on food and supplemental income. Disturbingly, it is believed that the government policies of the city seem to be of immaterial to the impediment of poverty. Two years later after the recession the gamely spirits of new york protested against against income inequality in the occupy movement that took place in wall street. The inability of the government to push policies towards economic equality angered the struggling unemployed thousands of new york. It was a day of history that marked the highest poverty rate in America since the second world war. Hispanic were mostly affected by the statistic of poverty and unemployment throughout the country, about one in five Hispanic adolescents lived in poverty since then.

The movement was considered a protest for the poorest congressional country in the U.S which is the Bronx of course.The issue of income inequality had to be explained by the few 100 protesters who gathered in front of fordham University in hopes of enlightening those who would ignore the unscrupulous problem at hand. Gladly some learned about the message in order to spread it, but unfortunately the unorganized movement has dissipated by the end of the movement. What the poor needed was a stronger sense of awareness before taking action, maybe then the movement would have made better progress or at least fix the perception of the many bronxites and new yorkers facing a strong sense of enigma about the situation. The voice of the Bronx has been shunned by many do the label of poverty it exists by day day, decades by decades. Statistics and info graphic charts prove low satisfactory ratings in terms of living conditions, a large percentage of the county lives under federal poverty level.

usually children are looked upon with sympathy of many who are not native to the area and who seek to make a small difference. due to the worst conditions of the Bronx, it has been nicknamed “ the burning borough’ by the many critical tourists that disliked even the glimpse they took at the most astounding sites of food offerings,public housing and murals that go unnoticed by many. How could the accomplishment decreasing crime be ignored be many who digress on the negatives of the Bronx in order to give the positives that need to be heard by the desperate ears of its residents. From 2002 to 2012 the safety of the Bronx has reached its new apogee, its an accomplishment of the mayor and the NYPD combined that cannot be ignored. The integrated masses of the Bronx are now 75% safer than ever before in the 90’s. Although one result of this achievement might be because the surveillance occupation of the United States it remains a great fact that is honored by the mayors and authorities of the county.


It is quite ironic that such a poor unfortunate place can be safer than its richer components of the same state. With an average income of $40,000 for most of its residents the Bronx cleaves on to the top of mountain while hanging its strength used for gripping on the mountain would not submit yet. It makes Riverdale appear to be one of the few richest areas of the Bronx. As for the remaining neighborhoods, sympathy is to be included upon their impoverished images. The south Bronx is prone to many multi-dimensional effects of poverty that sicken many children with asthma. The childhood asthma rate is ranked highest in the South Bronx, The environmental factors of the area prove to be one of the most polluted in history as it clogs the breath of many children.

The effect is so severe that it impairs the physical abilities of young children with debilitating attacks to the lungs. Inferior housing that resides in in impoverished areas make it a greater risk of children getting asthma because of the increased pollution of trash and allergens in the air. Air pollutants are the major causes of Asthma in children since their delicate, frail bodies experience it very young. The Bronx is home to many negative psychosocial factors that boost the dangers of common diseases that take place in children's declining immune systems that start once they take a small breath of polluted air. Poverty is linked to poor health and so the once called poorest county in America knows this fact first hand.

The Bronx has the highest percentage of adult low income workers in the entire NY state. This fact consolidates the proof of the poverty conscious that is passed on to the youth of the county. 42 Percent of adults 18 and over have low wage jobs about 10 dollars and under. Many young healthy adults settle with low wage jobs for many reasons but those who were dropouts are forced to keep the jobs. Its up for the next upcoming generation to shatter The negative stereotypes of the Bronx and prove once and for all that success is possible for anyone and that the minority can be entitled to abundance if they change they way they think about poverty.

Ending Poverty in the Bronx, One Young Life at a Time

The Bronx,NY:
Bronx, NY, USA

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