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Poverty and Crime

Updated on November 17, 2010


Marcus Aurelius Antoninus believed that poverty was the very essence of crime. (Watson 2000) It’s often thought that poverty can be viewed as a cause of crime.  In some societies poverty and crime go hand in hand. One interesting aspect is that wealthy people can hide their wealth while people whom are poverty stricken, often cannot hide it. There is a theory that people who have less will want to take from those who have more. (Watson 2000) Members of society make in effect, unintentionally influence crimes especially with the social attitudes associated with poverty.  Our society alone created this within its class systems. We have upper class, upper middle class, middle, class, and so on all the way down to lower class. Society members from each class system have their own thoughts and opinions on poverty from those who have always lived in it, to those who once had everything and have nothing, to those who lived in poverty and now have everything.

Our social class systems make be partly responsible for crime wherein individuals seeking to escape what they feel as injustice perhaps and will do anything to escape from the life they feel is beneath them. One example of this is that of con artists who steal and poses as members of high class society in order to bilk people out of millions. They integrate into the high class culture and learn the mannerisms and so on in order to fool their intended targets.

Poverty itself is often seen and viewed as a burden especially for individuals who do not have the family or social connections needed to move ahead and this may cause them to become disillusioned in a way. (Watson 2000). One thing that needs to be considered when it comes to poverty is how one got there. There are a number of ways poverty can  befall someone from illness, victimization, self inflicted due to addictions, etc. (Watson 200)

Perhaps if members within a society can get passed the ridiculous assumptions that they are betting than someone else or people don’t deserve the same things they do and stop dividing ourselves up into groups of who’s better than who then the notions of social class systems can become a thing of the past. No one is better than anyone and perhaps that’s what needs to be addressed first, well not first, but something that should be considered.


Watson, Jack (200) Poverty and Crime. Retrieved November 12, 2010 from


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    • Bikanernews profile image

      Bikanernews 7 years ago from Bikaner(Rajasthan)

      in india, you will also see the system of classes.some people are very rich some aren' i want to destroy this line between rich and poor.

      thanks for hub ,keep hubbing