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Poverty and Population Control

Updated on March 27, 2011

Fertility Control is Not Population Control

No sane politician will have the gut to attempt to tackle the issue of population control. Population control is one issue man does not want to discuss and would rather bury his head in the sand and wait for the consequences. Even when the issue is discussed, many will provide excuses rather than the real reasons as to why they should not practice population control and that nature will take care of the excess numbers. Naturally these discussions will always tend to compromise at fertility control. Fertility control may occur when individuals or couples or families take steps to decrease or to regulate the timing of their own child-bearing.

Poverty and People

If we don’t control population, we will create huge competition for resources that is beyond our planet's carrying capacity and will finally contribute to the demise of our planet.
If we don’t control population, we will create huge competition for resources that is beyond our planet's carrying capacity and will finally contribute to the demise of our planet.


In countries where there is poverty, and they are many, the issue of population control is a hot potato. Take for example countries where land is passed from father to male child. Twenty five years ago, father X hand land that was ten acres. He gave birth to ten male children. Twenty five years latter father X sub-divided his land into one acre for each child. Each child is inheriting a miserable 10% of his father’s wealth. Land of such a size can no longer be economically productive because the son can never breakeven. Look, it has taken only twenty five years for the offspring to be ten times poorer than the parents. That is one of the main reason some people are very poor. Suppose another father Y gave birth to one male child (plus one female child), what would have happened to the child? The child would have inherited ten acres of land from the father at a prime age of twenty five years and that is real wealth. If you then look at the multiplier effect of this over a few generations, you will see that in a span of less than one hundred years, the generations of father Y will be extremely wealth whilst the generations of father X will be in great poverty.

Competition for Resources

Population control is a hot issue and man will have to address it whether he likes it or not. Every year, we need to build new roads, homes, and general infrastructures to accommodate the growing population. This consumes a lot of our resources whilst giving us nothing in return. It is the high time man realized that he does not need to keep on growing in numbers. Reproducing does not help us because If we don’t control population, we will create huge competition for resources that is beyond our planet's carrying capacity and will finally contribute to the demise of our planet.

Stabilize Population

The population has to be stabilized now otherwise everything else we work for will become completely futile. The moment you control population then the issue of reduced crime, reforestation, energy efficiency, wildlife conservation, pollution control, unemployed, economic development, etc., will be solved. The more people we are, the more food we need to be produced, and the more goods we need to manufacture. This may have sounded very good economically in the past 100 years, but the planet earth can no longer support that because it does not have extra resources.

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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 3 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Population control is an important topic which should be addressed. However, the issue is a contention one because of humankind's inherent desire and impetus to procreate which is hardwired in many people's brains and strong religious prohibitions against any type of contraception.

      Nevertheless, population control is essential for an overall better quality of life both socioeconomically and psychologically for humankind. Sociological studies have endlessly cited the correlations with poverty,large families and lower quality of life. However, many people do not wish to acknowledge that large families are at the crux of issues relating to poverty and poor quality of life. In fact, many people , particularly those who are from and/or who have large families, would take umbrage at this correlation. Instead, they will cite how small families are more materialistic and greedy and that is reducing the overall quality of life. Excellent hub which brought up a timely subject matter which should be thoroughly addressed. This hub should be REQUIRED reading.

    • ArtzGirl profile image

      ArtzGirl 6 years ago from San Diego

      I'm afraid that after studying the new Geoengineering and Chemtrails-- that this is a method of Population Control. Check out the video that I posted by the previous head of the FBI - Gunderson. He is calling these "Death Dumps" and calls this plot a Crime of Genocide.

      You can see this on my hub called "Connect the Dots: Chemtrails, HAARP............"

      After following chemtrails for over 5 months filming them, I feel that they are clearly designed to lower the immune system and will definitely cause a lot of people to have respiratory, lung,and heart problems. This will kill millions of people, if they are not stopped. It is a GLOBAL Operation. As far as I can tell, the majority of Countries have all witnessed and filmed Chemtrails flying over head, poisoning their people.

    • profile image

      Kyla 7 years ago

      I agree that the people who choose not to have children should be rewarded for not bearing children, but if struggling single parents were taxed that might be problematic. Also it would be good idea to reward people who adopt

    • profile image

      Kyla 7 years ago

      great article. Makes perfect sense. This topic seems controversial because it is a very real problem, and is yet to be addressed. In addition I believe that it is selfish to procreate if one cannot take care of oneself let alone another human being. It is actually sadistic. There are too many starving and suffering children in this world. There should be a worldwide effort for sex education and condoms also to prevent the further spread of hiv. One night of pleasure is not worth a child suffering to death. People only seem concerned about their needs and not for a human they created that is their flesh and blood. People should acknowledge their responsibilities to a certain extent and not dump the responsibility on the rest of the world since there is also poverty among wealthier nations.

    • Jennifer D. profile image

      Jennifer D. 8 years ago from Canada

      Thank you, ngureco for this hub!

      Population control is really the only viable solution to the adverse effects of global warming, destruction of our planet's resources, and extinction of the species of animals and plants that occurs every year.

      I believe that if more people removed their selfish desires to procreate, the planet would have a chance at existing well into the future. However, as you mentioned, no politician would touch this subject with a ten foot pole; to do so would mean that they would reduce their constituency and potential votes.

      It is my belief that people who have children should pay more taxes than those who choose to NOT populate an already over populated world.

    • ngureco profile image

      ngureco 8 years ago

      Thank you, ladyvenus, for your comment.

      Religion seems to complicate it more. Religion still has a problem with deciding which family planning method should be used. They prefer natural method falling short of telling you to produce as much as you can until you drop down.

      But there is some difference between family planning and population control.

    • profile image

      ladyvenus 8 years ago

      yes population control is a hot issue between government and religion. beacuse gov't., agree on artificial family planning while the religious sector only wanted natural family planning. So its up to the couple to decide what birth control are they going to use.

    • ngureco profile image

      ngureco 8 years ago

      Hallo Aya Katz.

      I am happy you agree with me.

      In nature, the chance of giving birth to a female or male is 50/50. The law of probability then has it that a man and his wife having two children will get one boy and one girl. Ideally these two children shall inherit their parents and by extension they will replace them in planet earth when the parents die. If each one of us can do like that, then one can easily see how man can be able to avoid the current situation where every generation is getting poorer from the previous one.

      This subject of population control is one thing man is not comfortable with and would rather hope that those with the fittest muscles shall survive. But man uses intelligence and his intelligence is telling him that the bigger his numbers are the more powerful he is over his fellow man - it is a situation of man frying himself with his own oil.

      All over the world the poor are always complaining and blaming the rich people for their misfortunes. But if you unwind the generations and look back two hundred years back, you will see that the rich and the poor were once all the same. The governments should have educated people not only on family planning but also on population control. But the governments are run by politicians and politicians (like the media) will only tell the people what the people want to hear.

    • Aya Katz profile image

      Aya Katz 8 years ago from The Ozarks

      Ngureco, I am so glad that you wrote this hub! This is a topic that requires a lot of courage to cover. And, yes, the explanation concerning inherited land is so very much on point!

      Even here in the United States, it's amazing that generations upon generations of Americans have had to go into debt to buy a house when their families have been living on the land for centuries.