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Power, Greed why was money invented to keep humanity enslaved.

Updated on February 16, 2016

Heaven on earth ( The death of the new world order).


Heaven on earth ( The death of the new world order).

Heaven on earth. ( The death of the new world order).

The death of the new world order.

The New world order:

Economic chains, where the monetary system, a 9 to 5, enslaves the masses.Wages are not designed to set us free.

Shelter:To own a home of your dreams which is over a million rand, you have to have a good paying job‎.Not all of us inherit inheritance from generation to generation, slavery, apartheid, governments that do not give a damn about its citizens.

The core invention of governments is to synchronise the natural resources around the earth. minerals gold, diamonds, platinum, coal, oil, water, forests for wood.

Every natural resources can be exploited for the benefit and supplement of the state, buying them time while they manipulate the rest humanity and loot all on God's given earth.

All Industries:








Education is the filtering on wisdom, the seat of intelligence.Knowledge is used to blind humanity to normality, habit.Our lives are routine.We are zombies slaves to the motives, intentions, and ultimately the root purpose,‎ and instrument for the root, success and establishment of organised religion and governments.

Chains of the government:

Without a job:One is exposed to poverty.You can not afford to groom your self.You can not start a family, that stands a chance to have a better life in society.A good ‎education means it will take generations for your family to lifts itself from the slums.

To move from Poverty stricken.

Middle Class:

Upper Middle Class.

The wealthy.

The super Nobles Kings and Queens takes a ‎concentrated effort.

Dedication, luck, planning, regrouping when all does not go as planned.


How and why are governments ruling and running the world?

The powers that be.Have accumulated centuries, decades of wisdom from ancient civilisations.From the Egyptians, how to hypnotise a human being, which was being practised 5000bc yet only resurfaced publically in the late 1800s during the period psycho analysis was born by Sigmund Freud, Psychiatric treatment by Austrian French and German psychologists.

The Greeks expanded on the art of mathematics, and crafted greeck mythology around 930bc the chief architect Homer. The significance of Greek Mythology is took all elements of earth, water, wind, fire, earth, ether and created tales which inspired the imagination, giving life a purpose, and a meaning for tragedy and fortune.

Africa, has more 70 percent of the natural resources of the earth, gold, diamonds, platinum, coal. We are the second biggest continent in the world. Russia is massive it has extensive reserves of gas energy, yet it is very cold for vegetation to flourish and for humans have adopted well to heat.

Africa has the big 5 and amongst the best climate it is not too cold and we have reasonable sunshine throughout the year.

‎Yet why is it that Africa is one of the poorest continents on the planet earth.Colonisation, slavery, apartheid have a large impact on the misfortune on our beautiful continent Africa.

Slavery when the first new mastered landed in north and east ‎africa, the oppression latest over 400 years.

The country that gained independence amongst the first from colonisation was Ghana in the 1950s.

So off coarse Africa has had independence from colonisation ‎for less than 100 years.

It will take time for us to heal.

Yet it is critical, we can not put our fate in the government.We need to love ourselves.Acquire the wisdom to honour and cherish the teachings, wishes and dreams our parents have for us, they created us, and let us hope they created us out of love?

We need to be cautious.Know our purpose on this earth.Finish school.If possible get a university education.Should we be blessed that love presents itself start a family, that can be raised in comfort.

To live a cosy life, have a good job, a dream home, the children going to a good school.Making sure we nourish the dreams of our children.

Most importly making curtain that our grand Children inherit a fortune a good social class which will afford them a good education and better life.

That is how we assassinate the new world order.

With force :

No guns.

No war.

No help from the government.

Up lifting ‎our family, with the belief in self with help and belief in our God, perhaps with the aid of our religion.

The new heaven( The death of the new world order).

A free education.


Our children's dreams materialising.

Our children being born at least upper middle class.




Domestic violence.

Armed Robbery.

Doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, members of the community, noble servants of the state (the police and law enforcers lawyers, judges, politians, the presidents of the nation and the state can help, bring peace on earth).

Death of the new world order:

Dreams of substance for development and preservation of the human race and all the earth resources, is the death of the new world order.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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