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Power Vesus Sovereignty and the Mystical Soul

Updated on April 19, 2014

Looking Within

You are afraid of the viciousness you will see if you look deep within: ACIM
You are afraid of the viciousness you will see if you look deep within: ACIM

Sovereignty is to Own Yourself

I don't want to lose contact with my human. My human is my ego; it is either something I use, or it uses me, preferably, I use it.To achieve stepping outside the ordinary, to say, greatness, it can become like a double edged sword, cutting both ways, for greatness can thrust one into the realm of greater and lessor Gods, to be under the dominion of these greater and lessor gods when we could be free, we could own our soul, we could instead be sovereignty of our souls in action.

Rather, if I could, I would like to make my own path, use my own blade to slice through the jungle. I am perhaps too independent, too guarded of the oft noted innate sovereignty of my soul. I once made this remark to a best friend who, although she was possessed of the largest vocabulary exclaimed she knew not what I spoke of to mention we are having sovereignty of our souls.

Truth Makes Freedom as Beauty is in the Eye of The beholder

Serving my Time, time off for good behavior
Serving my Time, time off for good behavior

Audacity or Thinking Outside the Box?

I think I tried to explain it, a little surprised as I can be, when friends haven't a clue what I'm suggesting even though to me, what I say seems irrefutable and even more logical than the nose on their face is there to pick up the scents of our world. At any rate the matter was dropped while the friendship remained, such as it was, we were mirrors to one another.

My friend may have considered I was too audacious to mention we had sovereignty and I think what I was referring to was the human ability to make a correct choice, to have free will to do that, to have the will to be thoughtful about the matter and choose what kind of reality we would be creating of together, rather than as a single individual whom would be needing to always be first in line.

Another acquaintance would suggest my words smacked of new age referred to the error that I thought I was God. That the totality of the new age was under the impression they were God-lings or so close to God none should dispute their blathering, although the word is twice removed from reality. Reality being in this case, the world that the world is building towards. A harmonious world with no undue suffering such as we view at present. In this we must go beyond even eastern thought which proclaims life is to suffer, while western thought is no different when they say pick up your cross and follow, whomever.

The human Propensity to expand your awareness is what enlightenment is

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I would not be able to explain to this other, a Methodist minister, that greatness and smallness need not be expressions exclusive of one another. It is a part of the human condition at present. To proclaim oneness with God is one thing; to go beyond proclaiming oneness with God to proclaim entitlement to that closeness to God is something else. That's where we are headed in this age.

If for whatever reason the minister did not feel entitled to enter the Kingdom without bowing his knee in subjection to the all powerful God we cannot see, most days, even on a clear day perhaps, he seemed to be inferring what it meant to worship truly and humble oneself before such power, which I would never dispute. At least once in awhile it is necessary to knock the old ego into it's proper place, preferably by yourself, and not due to someone else's astute observations of your less than stature in their eyes. Remember God loves you unconditionally, but that doesn't mean you cannot make bad decisions now and then. I think there comes a time we go beyond having to suffer in order to get to truth of who we really are. That's what I'm looking forward to.

Star Children, God-lings, New Agers

Yet our starting point at communicating might have been in retrospect, that he must have felt this power of God within himself, in order to be worshipful in his stance. He must have felt gratitude for God's visitation at the least in order to preach so fervently as he did against the new agers, who said we were all parts of God, extensions, God-lings, entitled inheritors of the kingdom come and need not grovel our way to self realization nor make of our world a place of power struggles, of who is right and who is wrong, who be sinner and who be saint.

Which brings me back to my first claims of sovereignty and my fascination with that word. I am taken back to a time where serfdom ruled, or slaves overseen by a king or queen, who in most cases, such king or ruling party was all too human and seldom in looking at history do we find a benevolent ruler. It seems they were all caught up in being quite sovereign themselves, while the common people accepted the social status and gave all their power away, save a few bloody revolutions designed to improve living conditions of the serfs and reduce taxes perhaps, not to speak of the prospect of having one's head lopped off to protest circumstances that the ruler could have alleviated so easily were they only in a good enough mood. It seems in many a time of history, you could be killed for looking cross-eyed at the wrong person, or letting a fresh idea out of the hat.

Religion is no different than the political arena, where we are required to worship the unseen idea by the ruling party. So we can go beyond religion and politics these days, we can go far beyond indeed.
Back to my original thought, I would not seek greatness, nor to stand out in a crowd; I would instead do what I was shown to do; be human; be myself as each moment of my life unfolds if I would experience the common experience, of each ache and pain along the way, as well as the sparse but heavenly joy filled moments when I felt at one with God and accepted his/her messengers, that God loved me without condition and whether I chose large or small, whether I hated well or loved well, it somehow meant nothing to God whether I were successful in this life or not, it was instead how we ourselves chose to regard what success was. The love was a part of my being, indeed, I saw such thoughts as the fabric of mankind we were woven into, like threads.

I began to consider that we were here to heal the separation between man and God by considering that the ideas behind being separate from one another were indeed, but an illusion that tethered us to strife, illness, conflict and even promoted acts of war en masse. If we were all One, it was up to each individual to bring the revelation to the forefront, that the kingdom of God and earth could be aligned into the new age by each droplet creating the river.

Sovereignty Is Transformative

Our Egos Think in Terms of Separation

I still reflect on this other life that was so instrumental to bring me to this life, to this article whereby I made choices, not to enlighten the serfs as to their free will to rise above their problems and solve them, but instead I took the life of the ruler whom I projected was blocking out the vision I held for the common people to become "not slaves" but a free people who could keep the product of their own work and not have to give it to the governing party. It was true, I could kill. Now I had done it. Let's call a spade a spade says my wee small voice, the queen told outright bold lies, not one or two but a lifetime of lies. Although it wasn't that cut and dried, I developed a dharma against people who cannot tell the truth, and insist there's such a thing as little white lies that can be used to whitewash the truth and manipulate others with. Perhaps some do not even know the difference between a lie and the truth. To me it's clear, we teach what we need to learn but it's time for those in power who do not know what to do with that power for the good of mankind, to step down and allow a replacement to step up better suited to implement the new age .

I was born with such a love of the truth that I could not lie well, even when the opportunity to hoodwink was presented. I may owe this dubious talent to my lady from another era who taught me so well how one lie must be supported by yet another lie ad infinitum. I thought everyone had a fondness for telling the truth. It would take a long time to accept the nature of our world of duality and contrast, where a smile could hide the darkness of ill intention.

I can however rest, assured God, of whom I am a spark, does know the lie from the truth, does know the viciousness humanity is capable of and does know we are becoming aware of our capabilities to change our world at a fast and furious clip and even less inclined to make peace by creating war. Therefore even if divine order is not seen, we can know, it is there and will be seen. God/Source never fails, while our ego can fail. It is indeed the ego which thinks itself separate from God. We are going beyond the ego in this century. It's going to be fun! Source is abundant and we are constructed of God-stuff. There's plenty of Source to go around. God/Source is not in short supply and we shall never run out of awareness building propensity. Expansion, not power, is the name of the new game.

Returning to the disaster of this other life; Now it seemed the way could be made clear; the serfs would no longer suffer and be in want of even enough food, or land to grow their crops. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the serfs did not want to be free; it was too much responsibility. They wanted a ruler to tell them what to do. I had truly disrupted the pecking order and now it was my turn to die. Now the good guy had become the bad guy. My drama would end only in another life opportunity to get it right.

Envisioning a World of Total Equality

To complicate matters, I too had fallen in love with the ruler of that time and for years trusted that the things the ruler said, such as more food for the slaves would certainly happen, as did not the good queen promise me this? Yet people were dying simply because of allegiance to an unworkable system and promises that would never be kept. Assassinating her was simply complicating an already complicated situation and the real reason or part thereof, was my ego, was incised to have been lied to, and I was caught in the middle between the people as their spokesperson and the queen for whom I also spoke. It was as if she desired I tell her lies to the people. I decided my loyalty was to the people first, but the decision to assassinate (notice the word ass is twice repeated in assassinate) would be a step backwards and I would have to return the span of years I had taken from her life, in this life which I saw as a sort of divine justice being enforced.

Though now I can see that perceptions of a situation are not necessarily the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. If I'd had more patience who can say that the situation would not have been rectified? Not I.

It seems she had no intention all along to help the people and thus it was a knife in the back for her and a whole shit load of karma for me to clear up! I'd known even as I enacted the deed, I was in reactionary mode to perceived wrongs having been perpetrated. Perhaps grave wrongs had been committed, however taking another life was still a bad choice. For my direction, since that time, it has always been the buck stops here.

Alas and alack, it has been cleared up in this life at long last, for I continued to love this one and repented, there's that terrible word anti-religious people deplore and cringe at the usage of, but yes, I repented most fastidiously and sought advice for my rectification. Yes, to my sorrow I discovered you can love someone and still kill them. It didn't make a whole lot of sense until I discovered a thing called the ego in this time and age.

I'm sure I had messengers telling me exactly how I would rectify the situation by becoming the rejected child of this one, life would be a trip of keeping the faith against great odds, for my queen would never become aware I had been her assassin. However she would feel not quite at ease around this child that was I, she would regard me as a black sheep not belonging to the family, she would on occasion enough abuse me, mostly within emotional context; she would say things like "you're sneaky." She was correct for I had seen myself sneak up behind her with the dagger in hand. As it turned out I came back to speak against killing in any form of life

Speaking as a mystic I would be amiss not to inform all readers that after her death she was told all that had transpired and she herself sought my spirit and indeed asked my advice as to what would happen next in this afterlife region for her. She was doing her own rectification for the way I had been treated early on, which I saw as not necessary, but it was just OK, as you see the bond of love is what we can speculate on here, not the way we punish each other. Punishment is not forever. Love is forever.

I used to tell my close friends, what I came here for is done! I can now die in peace knowing I had been forgiven by the queen my deeds, but it had taken the entire life nearly. Now we step into the new age together, all such karma should be ably cleared in shorter time perhaps than we thought possible. We embrace all forms of life, honoring the spark of God within each, to mean God's love is sufficient unto the day, unto eternity even. Be of courage for the way is rocky but we are making progress. I am able to see that it is so. I leave you with this thought; what would a world be like with no pecking order? Amazing me thinks.


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