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Power and Politics at AtoS Department Managed Service

Updated on August 15, 2017


Organization politics is whereby people struggle for power and the impact by which the one who is successful in taking such positions in the community can influence the decisions that affect the employees in the organization (David, 2012, p.12). Power can also be defined as behaviors that are not within and the company has taken a particular job against, characters that intend to attain selfish end that is opposed to others opinion (Kaplan, and Lasswell, 1950). Group politics mostly focus on the objectives of people and teams and at times ways that are unsafe to the organization as the whole. Therefore it appears inevitable, but at times it differs from one group to another (Fairholm, 2009). And therefore an ethical issue comes in and making a deal becomes a critical aspect in group politics. According to Gee (2011, p.45), power refers to a situation in which an individual influence the behavior of the other. Therefore organization environment is controlled by political relations. It's more of using tactical power to either retain or obtain control of specific symbolic resources

There are two types of politics mainly state politics and organizational politics (James, and Soguk, 2014, P.90). Some of the research works explain that the most important issue within organization includes; delegation of work, some promotions or transfer. The most concerned area is when the manager decides to promote a less competent person based on discrimination (Montana, and Charnov, 2008,P.6). Integral in such matters and some other politicized issues are causing performance variations, either in a positive way for one person and detrimental to the competitor (Schein, and Greiner, 1988,p.65). It is very necessary to clarify that corporate politics has become more common and crucial for every person at the greater level of managerial position as the rivalry turns out to be tougher (Prechel, 2008, p33). It's also evidence that some strategic decision can be influence politically in a company (Valle, and Perrewe, 2000, p77). Also, the impact of organization not utilizing powers in an appropriate way has become more of top management authority; this is because the structure of company shows clearly how power is shared in organization (Raphael, 1990, P.55).

Therefore power and politics play a very critical role in the business, from controlling how decisions are being made to how employees socialize with one another (Vatiero, 2009, p.23). In business big or small; the effect of power depends on whether the employees use negative power or real power to inspire others in the organization (de Moll, 2010, p87). Politics may directly or indirectly impact who is of the power and influence whether the general culture of the organization promotes productivity. Therefore, power and politics have the different impact on the team performance (Safire, 2008, p44). First, it can cause, divisiveness, even if the politics is from the public or individuals within the organization, it can cause chaos and lack of cooperation within the workplace (Daft, 2006,p.66). Preferably employees can try to separate their political thought from their work lives, but in some cases, some staff are not able to do this and therefore let their differing opinions get into their workplace behavior. That may make employees not to perform well in the organization because they hold different political views. Secondly, it can cause the distraction, politics discussion at the workplace can cause employees to lose focus on the work he was doing. Whether the employees are agreeing or disagree, they are most likely to be performing their job as they discuss politics (Schein, and Greiner, 1988, p.22). Workplace politics are as disruptive as public politics. As they spend more of their time talking about whether this manager likes a particular employee and dislike another one, avoiding such kind of discussion will enable employees to stay focus towards their work, while vice versa will have an adverse impact on the organization (Ferris et al, 2000, p.28).

What is more, power and politics can have an influence on how employees perform in the workplace by demotivating them. Discussion at the place of work is also crucial and will enable managers to know the best employees, also evaluating the advantages and disadvantages always help in organization. The majority of employees in power and discuss politics are always out to tarnish another workers images and therefore can result in one feeling not to work leading into demotivation (Sinha, 2008). Also, a nonperforming employee can be the boss eyes because of discussing politics and therefore making the performers feel demotivated.

Another impact of politics and power in an organization can cause management to terminate employee's contract. It happens mostly if the employees rebuke the management, and further grows into complicated sort of accusations and counter accusation between the employee and the management. It occurs when employee believe they have freedom to talk anything within the organization while manager responds by accusing the employee of poor performance because the employee spends most of his time discussing politics. Some extend it may be perceived as the worker is being victimized due to his political ideas when the truth is he was just discipline because he was not doing his work. The only way to get out of such troubles s is by keeping political discussions after work or in the evening while going home to avoid disrupting your work that may because you lose your job (Sinha, 2008).

It can impact into stress among employees and therefore causes poor performance (French, 2011). In most cases, it's said that problems might be dissolved through if an employee finds out that their stories have been leaked to another colleague it can cause fear and therefore make employee not to interact with others due to concerns. Politics can result in more stress to the employees in the workplace especially when it focuses on discussing another colleague without their consent.

It changes the attitude of employees in the organization. Company power and politics can change the way employee perceive things in that it hinders an employee to concentrate on their work thoroughly and to extend of making the serious and hardworking one to lose interest in their job. That can make others opt for going to work just for the sake of it. Politics in the workplace can result in the conducive work environment. As well as minimizing the overall output of the organization (Buchanan, &Badham, 2008). The majority of employees who spend most of their time talking politics and pay little attention to their work, and are not able to work to attain the set goals.

Theories of Power

The contemporary concept of power has its origin on Nicollo Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes. The concepts of the two philosophers are considered to be the standard political literature and their relation presents a two way traffic concerning power. Nicollo explains power to be a means rather than a resource that pursues a tactical benefit such as a military triump. Hobbes on the other hand defines power as hegemony or influence, and which is centralized and aims on sovereignty (Kelly, 2010).

The twentieth century scholars gave prominence to Hobbes theory of power. They considered his writings to become more relevant to modern day research as compared Nicollos focus on military affairs. Research on social sciences required precision and logic while inquiring on how to observe, quantify and measure power. According to Hobbes, power is an act of will implying it to be a supreme factor that is subject to individual’s will power (Dahl, 1957).

Weber, another renown philosopher likened power to the concept of authority and rule (Sharp, 2010). According to Gordon, (1980, P.1), power should be related to the likelihood of a worker within a specific social relation to be in a social position of executing their will whether or not that will be accepted by others . He goes on to articulate power as an aspect of domination, particularly on economic interests and authoritarian. Weber finally sees power as being the most important element of a social structure and which is substantial to life. He observes that power is established by humans, implemented by them, influences them and limits them. Similar to hegemony, power is all concerning exercising influence on individuals and teams. Institutions or organizations may not effectively conduct their operations without power since it is a critical factor for their existence.

The Impact of Power and Politics at AutoS

Atos is a global entity dealing in digital transformation with more than 10000 employees in its different units. Apart from digital transformation, the company is also involved in various aspects of value creation and innovation both itself and its diversified client base. Its systems possesses unique memory footprints, upto to 24 TB (terabytes)for the purpose of supporting Big Data application, real time and in-memory. Some of its applications are SAP HANA appliances, OPO Oeschger, and Bull (Vries, 2017, P.2).

The company generates an average of € 12 billion as revenue per year and operates in over 70 countries worldwide. This entity is also a reknown in its corporate social responsibility initiatives and for being a key technology partner for the Olympic & Paralympic Games. A Societas Europaea (SE), is listed on Euronext Paris stock market where it operates under the Atos, Worldline, Unify, Worldgrid, Bull, Atos Consulting, Atos Worldgrid, Bull, Canopy, Unify and Worldline (Atos, 2017, P.1).

In essence, the organization structure of Atos has greatly facilitated its business growth. An organization’s corporate structure relates to the design and system that indicates the patterns and ways of relating with the main components of the firm. In the context of Atos, the company undertakes a conventional form to its production aptitude development. The firm has fully utilized its organizational structure to enhance extensive administration of the firm’s operations. The company also places a lot of efforts in designing new strategies and managing its operating through its organizational structures. Furthermore, the corporate structure of Atos has significantly enhanced its business capabilities to achieve strong managerial administration which can be experienced at present. This is despite the company’s global outreach and expansion. Therefore, it is clear that Tesla’s organizational structure and especially its power and politics has greatly aided in realization of its mission and vision statements, as well as in stressing its global leadership in the automobile industry (Meyer, 2017, P.7).

In essence, Atos power and political influenced is manifested in its corporate structure which stipulates the functions of the organization, managerial staff, roles and expectations of all stakeholders. These are the features of this firm: global centralization, global hierarchy, and minimal regional divisions. Global hierarchy relates to the financial operations and functional teams whereas global centralization focuses at controlling the whole organization through a decision enacted by a central group. Concerning the minimal regional division, the key features of this element is to focus on the different levels of division within Tesla’s automobile business. The division or department is authorized or empowered to enforce the already crafted strategies by the managerial board or those in authority. Moreover, the minimal regional division is also mandated to file reports and financial records. The entity has greatly benefited from its corporate structure since this enabled to effectively control the company from a global perspective (Meyer, 2017, P.45).

Atos Leadership

The chief executive officer and Chairman of Atos, Thiery Breton is touted as a man using a transformational kind of leadership. Indeed, Breton is a man with a vision and enthusiasm to succeed going by his performance as the main director of the company. He has promised to change the world, especially in this firm. The impeccable leadership capabilities has propelled the firm into becoming among the world’s most popular, building a zealous fanbase, setting records for high performance, high quality and manufacturing of unique cars. Breton has been able to run his company through a tremendous self-confidence and incredible drive. According to business insider, he is a man enthuastic about work (Feloni, 2014).

According to analysts, Breton is a person who works with pressure and this makes employees to feel tense while working for him. Nonetheless, he is motivational as most of the workers that had worked with him affirm this. Majority of those who have worked with him know him as a go getter and that whatever he desires to do, he uses all means to win it. Singh, a former worker at his company claims that despite his pressures, most of the employees were willing to follow him even to whomever place he decided to take them. Singh points out that he saw the most impressive display of leadership in Breton which has not been witness in any other type of leader. “I think Breton is a transformational leader and this is why he has been able to succeed so much” he observes. The way he talks would make even those who had lost hope and felt defeat to come full of hopes and determined while focusing to move forward rather than backwards. Singh acknowledges that due to the influence of Breton, majority of employees had a positive attitude regarding their roles and responsibilities and this worked for the good of the company. Every discussion involving Breton and his regular motivational talks to his employees offer a powerful experience to all the group involved.

The organization culture of AutoS encourages human resources to be competent and more innovative, which in turn defines the custom and values that define its employees’ decision-making and behavior. Besides, the company encourages its workers to come up with ideas through innovative transformations that would help the business stand out from the rest of the competitors. The management at the company strives to maintain the human resource capabilities as it is important to its success and growth in the global automotive industry.

Teams and Organizational Culture

Theories of Organizational Behavior and its impact on the firm


It is a theory that was established by Max Weber (1920, p.89), and it’s seen as one of the most effective approaches to be implemented by any organization in the modern world, and it is used by complex organizations such as the military, governments and other big entities prefer this model. The theory mainly focuses on the duties that each employee is expected to carry out. The tasks are very specific, there is a very serious hierarchy of authority, an organization needs to have a very strict set of rules to be followed, and decisions are more rational and objective within an organization (Buchannan, 2017, p. 83). Some of the reasons why most organizations prefer this model are because there is the precision of work done by employees, the speed at which work is done, it has an excellent cost to the organization, and it gives a very clear understanding of the organizational structure. The only disadvantages with this model are that it does not have the human factor and the level of rigidity is very high within an organization implementing this model.

The Human Relation Approach

This approach suggests that employees should not be made to feel that the organization is a rational entity but it can also be treated as a system that can be informal at some point (Miller, 1968, 15-35). It means that the theory focuses on a human relationship between workers with the intention of achieving fundamental goals of the organization and this can only be done through ensuring that there is some sense of togetherness or unity among workers. The unity of employees is critical because ensures that everyone works with a unified goal and this requires the input of everyone for the goal to be achieved (Hersey & Johnson, 2013, p. 41). Current management systems in organizations are yet to adapt to this new structure since it requires that the managers give more attention to the impact of their subordinates and this is not what they are used to doing for a long time. Embracing this ideology is also cumbersome since it works hand in hand with modern technology which most people have not yet embraced it especially the top commands in the managerial positions.

Different Management Approaches

The theory puts more attention on the relationship between the employee as well as their behavior towards the overall management within an organization (Miner, 2007, p. 73). This is crucial because the workers need to follow the chains of command and wait on their decision before doing anything even if the top management delays they still have to wait. It can be tricky since the behavior of the employees can put to test and in the long-run affect their relation to the management which could lead to one getting sacked from the organization. This theory is also influential to organizations that want to shape their management and its structures well.

Conflict Approaches

Conflict approach theory mainly focuses on the basic concepts of capitalism, competitors of an organization and profits that the organization about human behavior at the workplace and implementing the revolutionary approach was the alternative option (French, 2011, p.91). In this model, the employee has more authority over the management, and this means that the workers are in a better position to make crucial decisions on how the organization should be run.

Market Integration Approaches

Due to rapid globalization of markets, many organizations from different countries are falling out of since the level of competition is getting more intense. This in return affects organizational behavior in many aspects since employees are not remaining in organizations whose wages cannot meet their increasing needs. Within this kind of set up the management becomes more authoritative making it difficult for the voices of the workers to be heard (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn & Uhl-Bien, 2011, p. 4).

Dependency Approaches

This is one of the most recent organizational behavior theory that focuses on the introduction of modern technology that is only affordable to specific countries meaning these countries are the ones to control the rest of the world in terms of technology, and its management (Miner, 2007, p. 81). With this approach, economic growth can only be achieved by organizations that have very well organized structures of management, ownership, and workers.

Teamwork at Atos Company

As per the reviews carried out on the internet pertaining to team operations, the company highly recognizes the value of teams . As such, it empowers team work and facilitate individual performance at each team level. For instance, the company has a policy of talent identification, on the job experience, talent attraction and programs on talent development. In essence, team work is part of the strategy for this company which is focused on assisting both employees and the management team in improving their productivity. This culture, according to some employees who had worked for the company provides an extensive learning opportunity from each team member. In addition, the management are trained to accord the necessary assistance to individuals and teams in improving the productivity (Atos, 2017, p.1)


From this analysis, it is apparent that power and politics plays a key role in determining the performance of an entity. It influences key aspects of a firm including organizational and management structure, leadership and authority, team performance and all operations of an organization. It's, therefore, important for every company to be aware of the coercive power and the impact adverse effect of organizational politics. Businesses that are in the process of progress should be very careful when dealing with organization politics related cases as it might cause stress, frustration to employees. Thus, bargaining and open communication are one of the ways to minimize unhealthy organizational power battle and politics. It is what the current companies require in this present world. Managers must find better ways and adopt the best processes to deal with the policy and power in organization.


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