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Predictions and Rumors, is Armageddon Getting Near?

Updated on October 25, 2011
asteroid strike
asteroid strike


Recently there have been rumors and prediction circling among people about the end of the world. It makes people really worried about the future of the race, intensified by the extreme weathers and rare disasters happening around the globe. Most serious ones are Pakistani worst flood which killed several thousand people, one of worst landslide caused more than one thousand people died and more than four hundred still missing in China and the giant wildfire in Russia. I’ll list some of the events leading to serious concerns among people and make it clear that which of the events are the immedjate threats to human beings. Before that, I watched a documentary named “2012” by discovery channel, in which there are more than ten possibilities that may lead to the extinction of the human race, there are sun’s rage, nuclear wars, robot, epidemic disease, another ice age, huge volcano eruption, global warming, nano technology, black hole, asteroid threats, etc.

Hawking’s speech about UFO and human being’s life on earth for 200 years

Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest theoretical scientist to date, who have been known for his achivement in heavenly body physics and discovery of black holes. He is dubbed as one of the greatest physicist since Einstein. About his personal details, I won’t elaborate. He made two surprising talks in the recent interviews. One is about UFO, another is about the future of the earth.
He advised people to keep a distance from UFO and aliens. he assured that aliens really exist and their intention may be hostile. In a recent interview he said human being will not live up to 200 years on this planet and the only way to survive is to find a new home in the universe. Hawking is optimistic in nature, but the prediction he made is so pessmistic that the fact is really pressing to let out. However, one of the Chinese experts said that it reflects the worry he had for the race, not a scientific conclusion.

Possible Asteroids hits

Will human race have the same fate like the dinosaurs had? NASA so far observed two asteroids possible to strike earth in the year of 2038 and 2182, which has an explosion force large enough to wipe out more than half the population on the earth. NASA calculated one is having one out of 110000 possibilities of hitting the earth and another one is having only one out of 1000 chances. No matter what, human beings should prepare for the consequences.

Solar storm

NASA’s 2013 huge solar flare warning can be deemed as the first threat we have to deal with. It is said that the sun has been quiet and stable for the last one hundred years and 2013 is the year to take a shift. How big will be the damage? It could burn out half the electrical systems of the earth. But of course, if precautionary measures were taken, the effect would be minimized or, it could be nothing but a false prediction.

Rumors,partial disasters

If you are not living under rock, you should know that this the year when more disasters occur than on average. Russia’s big wildfire, Pakistan’s big flood, landslides and floods of China playing the important roles in extreme weathers. Three days ago, there appeared a new sinkhole which swallows half a building makes people even more afraid of the future.


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    • cyberwriter profile image

      cyberwriter 7 years ago from Beijing,China

      sometimes if you are an ant, you can't do nothing but to wait.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      I heard many times about this rumors. Start from the Mayans Calender, and the last news is the sun rain. But I can't say anything, God have a power to decide kind of this incident. Just pray a lot. So we ready to face anything happen in this world. I love this topic. Vote up!