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Pregnant Clause

Updated on June 21, 2009

your fired

friday 05-08-09

Tonight's ABC show with John Stossel

I happened to be watching the View on ABC today with John Stossel as a guest and the topic was women in the workplace particularly women who were pregnant,or were getting pregnent.

John Stossel was saying why employers should not be burdened with a new law being proposed as, a result of employers firing women who, were pregnant or were, even suspected of being pregnant.

John relates the employer's viewspoint as to why they should be free to fire women employees who were pregnant or,suspected of being or even planning to be.

The contraversy includes "at will" provisions in the law that exist at present which allows employer's as well as employees the right to end employment,but the proposed law would change that ,at least to the extent that an employer would be able to fire a pregnant woman or a woman contemplating pregnancy.

If, such a law were passed the logical question is if,a woman can be protected from being fired for being pregnant or even contemplating it,then what other activity can protect an employee from being fired . Maybe,there should be a law protecting an employee from being fired for leaving work for a medical emergency involving a woman's children,or if a school calls a woman while she's at work,or any other situation involving a woman's children impacting the workplace.

Should any employee male or female be fired for anything that impacts their workplace efficency or can there be a happy medium? Is it fair for an employer to fire anyone using the "at will" agreement provision for any reason at all,or should there be a reasonable limit as to what level your personal life impacts your work life without being fired?

What do you think? please leave a comment below!


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