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Prejudice ... Naturally

Updated on August 25, 2012

Water Vail

by JR Hager II
by JR Hager II

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not a raving raseist dressed in funny sheets. No matter what race of human being hapened to ‘dis’ me, do something or say something that rubbed the grain of my comfort zone the wrong way. I realize there is another person of their same exact race that will act and behave the opposite, more to the consideration of others, and more congenial for those around them. I see no colors when I look at another person, except maybe eye color, if it’s striking, appealing, and the person looks me in the eye. That is more important to me.

My  Y o u T u b e  Channel

But when I see the color of bloodshed ....

.... my nice guy switch goes off and my prejudice switch snaps on, and with extreme prejudices, I might add. I want to grab my baseball bat and make things right, and find the goons who did this. But it’s only natural. It comes with putting yourself in that terrible situation. And with the empathy for these poor soles grows a need for retribution within us. I don’t think we should ever feel guilty about these feelings. They are natural, and go hand in hand with our survival traits. Without these learned decisions we would be doomed. Humankind wouldn’t have lasted long without nurturing and nature-ing. Learning what plants not to touch, mushrooms that will send you on a trip, animals not to get close to because they like to eat you, insects that will sting you or kill you, reptiles that will kill you, parts of the world that are inhospitable, and what happens when you step in quicksand; these are all vital lessons our ancestors literally died to show us; so we didn't have to. Doubt any of these and it means we have to learn it all over again. Which to me is stupid as hell. That's the description of insanity; keep doing the same thing over and over again while expecting something different to happen.

So, I look to Nature for my answers ....

 .... and I don’t join any groups, for pity sake. Their dangerous. I figure, again from past experience, there’s always somebody out there that’s going to disagree, and haven't taken their medication. That are sure-as-shootin gonna show-up at some gathering where they deem their ‘enemy’ will be present - more interested in that. It’s the real reason they are there. And I don’t want to be around when these folks do their thing, and they most certainly will. Either the masses of their opposition will do it, or when their enemy starts to make more sense in their cause. This is bound to be rain on their parade. But then these people are like ‘repo-men.’ they look for tense moments and juggle their schedule accordingly. These are the people that strap bombs around their waist while preaching the brotherhood of man. Go to war with a their Holy Book in the other hand. Some unique soles have made it their lively-hoods to play their race card in life's game. They profit from an other's discontentment, and surly they must worry, when they pull their bed covers up to his head at night, that their treasured racism might be loosing ground. For some it was so profitable 'he' now has brought his son into the family business. Well, “someones rain, is an others sunshine.”

For me, Nature has the best and honest answers.

With Nature there are no answers that are questionable. It isn’t a case of, ‘do what I say, not what I do.’ There is no smoothing it out to make it nice either. What I see I get. Nature always rules. And no matter how cruel Nature’s answers are; they are still the answers, and nothing but the answers. And no measly human is ever, ever going to change the answers, whatever document they amend or book they update, or land they die over, or laws they change, what will always be left after it’s all said and done; will be Nature. And Nature couldn’t care less what isle we’re on, what pew we sit in or when and if we sit in one, how much money’s in our bank account or if we’re homeless, in prison, Nature couldn't give a holy hoot if we’re literate or PC literate. Nature's not keeping notes of where we were born, if we’re from the bad side of town, who we sleep with, or whatever the new ruler states in his or her commencement address; what will always shine on and on and on, will be Nature.

And frankly, if we go with the flow of Nature or not; makes no difference, It's still -The Flow - whatever Fox News says, and yes; whatever I say in my HUB ;~)


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