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Prejudice, Shocking news and Unrealistic Expectations

Updated on August 21, 2012

The media and the "people" enjoy to be shocked when celebrities or government officials do or say something that is supposedly not "proper" for the positions they are in. Stars and government officials are people, thus they will and do do stupid things at times, just like the rest of humanity. Why is there a higher moral standard for people in representative or celebrity positions? Of course the media and mindless people come up with the excuse that these people should be role models for future generations. Children will not learn how to act by following the behavior of TV personalities or government officials, but from the people around them, namely family and friends. Seeing upright and supposedly moral TV stars is worth precious little when children grow up in dysfunctional families. By putting the blame on TV and government officials and their "shocking" behavior, parents are trying to mask their own defects.

Governments and institutions are all run be people, like you and me. Thus they are prone to making stupid, selfish, and bad decisions and policies. The problem is when the media or the public think that our institutions are or should be run by demigods who are on some sort of higher moral plane. This is very naive and destructive. Realistically people have to realize that institutions, laws, governments, policies etc. are made by people, and not by infallible beings.

Also, people like to throw around the word "prejudice" more and more. Everyone is prejudiced to some extant. Those people who go around banging the drum against prejudice are prejudiced themselves against prejudice. So how is that good? You can't fight prejudice with prejudice. Simply by liking a certain sports team, state, country, band, political party etc. already makes you prejudice. Job interviews are also based on prejudice. If it truly were simply a persons qualifications that make them get a job then why have personal face to face interviews? Because the company wants to see the actual person: how they look, how they dress, their body shape, their hairstyle etc. Many hiring decisions are made because of looks and how someone behaves and not necessarily on their qualifications. What is this if not prejudice?

Americans grow up being plied with unrealistic expectations for their lives. Being told that we can all be whatever we want to be if we just work hard, nothing is impossible, etc. does more harm than good. What does this propaganda achieve? It produces millions of frustrated, angry, unfulfilled, aggressive people who feel that they have been cheated out of being whatever it was they wanted to be. Realistically 99% of people do not become what they would have liked. This is because schools and parents and the media raise peoples expectations of what they can get out of life to unrealistic levels, which is bound to backfire and cause frustration, depression and anger amongst many many people. Realism is not a bad thing. This should be focused on when telling people their options and the steps needed to achieve things. Instead we are setting people up for disappointment.


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