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"Premarital Sex"

Updated on September 7, 2012

Hot issue of the Youth

In this generation "Premarital sex" is the hottest issue of the Youth. At the young ages they engage on sex instead of studying or sport activities. As early age of 12 to 18 they already involve in that issue and there population are getting bigger and bigger. Lack of guide and knowledge about the Premarital sex leads the youth to engage into it. Peer pressure also has big influence to the youth. What alarming more was the effect of the Premarital sex to them, to the "youth".

Most youth who engage in Premarital sex dont know what can give or change their lives in the future. Especially in women,what may happen after a non secured sex. Youth dont care about it but surely will change them. Their are good and bad effects that Premarital sex may give. Most of it was bad effect and the most unwannted effect of all was it may lead to death. Unwanted pregnancy that leads to abortion and death. Abortion can leads death if the procedure fails and complecation may arise. HIV and aids are diseases that you can get, especially in having sexual intercourse with someone whos sexually active and different partners. And this are some of the Bad effects.

Youth are our new generations and the future hope of the nations. So they must be guide well and educating them about that issue may avoid or prevent it. Educating them is the best prevention and saving them for future.


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