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Premature Abreaction Foils Mind-Control

Updated on March 24, 2011

Premature Abreaction Personalizes Electrical Madness

There is a state that a person reaches when they are being tortured electronically. In this state, your mind can no longer distinguish between pain/pleasure, Love/Hate, Good/Evil. Making us experience this abreaction is how stalkers program us. By controlling WHEN and HOW we Abreact turns Hell into Heaven, Shame into Fame and Pain into pleasure. This "electronic beam" is designed to drive you nuts or find God. Now, I'm going to say that as you experience this "God Frequency", you will become closer to God and avoid all madness altogether. This is another way to "cheat" (take back our lives from these bastards).

What you do is cause the Abreaction to happen early (when you are less stressed out). This way, they will be unable to break you. Now, you get to choose your madness. This "Beam" amplifies and distorts whatever you happen to be thinking about. Well, if you are going to be pushed to "madness", be pushed in a way that feels good. One way to do this is to think of yourself as Extremely Powerful. I've abreacted so many times that I've learned to "let go of the rope early" and then guide my own "Electronic Harassment Trip". I enjoy this, which makes me very hard to psychologically traumatize. You can believe that you are a God, whatever is powerful in your mind. This "flips the flip", so you can actually enjoy these "Trips into Outer Space".

I advise a small dose of Clonopin (1mg) to help you come down from this "Electrical Trip" whenever the delusion becomes boring. Definitely plug into your favorite, carefully thought-out music selections to shut out the ear-ringing..........this is your passport from your E-trip back to reality. Music really works for me because I BELIEVE IN IT. I can go into an almost Zen state of mind and become the music. Stay out of your "occipital brain" (area where you imagine pictures). At this moment, you are getting everything thrown at you. Also, close your eyes because they can use lasers to produce Binaural Beats" for the eyes. I can do this by simply donning my goggles for my OWN Brain Machine. The resulting flashes of light guide my brainwaves in a way I want to be guided, not the way the "silent government" flashes on my retina! By believing you are blind AND CLOSING YOUR EYES, you help stop the binaural lazer from driving you batty with horrifying stimuli. See "nothing or everything all at once" so that the visual message becomes un-readable to your brain. The enemy calls this "cashing in on stupid". With all they have done to us, the very LEAST we can do is IGNORE THEM.

So, you pretend to yourself that you have "gone crazy" early. This puts you into a self-guided "controlled reality distortion". Heck, I used to pretend I was crazy to enhance physical performance. By seeing myself as a hideous, ferocious Beast - I could bench-press more weight. It wasn't the truth, but I got something out of it. These days, reality has been sucked from the majority of minds. There is nothing for us besides a bunch of crap we really hate to look at/listen to The Answer: find your OWN STUFF TO LOOK AT/LISTEN TO. You can "Beast Out" to a specific song that makes you feel powerful. This really turns things in your favor because you are CONTROLLING THE EFFECT OF THE E-HARASSMENT ON YOUR MIND, TURNING IT INTO A "TRIP", NOT A BREAK WITH REALITY. So by making yourself abreact FIRST, you can guide where this "trip" is going. Become everything and nothing all at once. I suggest being HUGE OR VERY SMALL (or both at once). Then, keep changing how you perceive yourself.

Make it a blur of alternating faces objects, light flashes. Finally, refuse to interpret any visual stimuli unless you've scrambled it first. This means you imagine seeing NOTHING but geometric objects that always form no depiction of reality. You are up in your abstract "Right Brain" , thinking like a very Abstract Artist. They will call this' : "Rather be insane", but it isn't actual insanity. You've merely convinced yourself like an actor who is getting ready to play the role of a madman. You come close enough to convince yourself AT THE TIME that you are "crazy" and then shrug it off the next day like you would a psychedelic experience.

If you think you are someone else, it's like putting a "psychic fake ID" to this "system" which means you THINK DIFFERENTLY. Finally, perceiving yourself as "The Great Void" MAKES IT SO EASY because you leave your enemy nothing to work with in your imagination. You are in a Nirvanic state where the world has no influence upon you because: There is no World, there is no "you", there is simply NOTHING. Keep a mirror around. These people like men to think that they are "young girls". You simply look in the mirror every time they impose this on you and you see you are still a man. I prefer not to imagine having a face. Again, this gives them very little to work with. I've "defaced" myself to leave nothing for the enemy to work with. It also makes for quick "personality-spawning", you can be anyone you want to be to escape whatever "electronic hallucination" they are giving you. Again, this is putting your creative mind to work for you so that your "Imagination is BUSY", shutting THEM OUT.

In conclusion: you can induce a "Fake Abreaction" (psychological breaking point), believing in the back of your mind that you are simply an actor playing someone who IS insane. By blocking them out with music, you make it hard for their "mainframe" to hack your brain. And when it REALLY HURTS, just remember what Clint Eastwood said in "Heartbreak Ridge" - "Don't give the prick the satisfaction" which means don't show ANY pain or fear or even anger.........because our enemy enjoys our suffering. Regulate yourself from the inside: Smile - then flex your "Happy Muscles". We've been trained to feel THEIR FAKE EMOTIONS AS BODILY SENSATIONS. So, you tell your body what to tell you and then act upon yourself emotionally to find that "happy center" in the brain and create an event which triggers it (Smiling). You might as well hack your OWN MIND than being hacked by "The System". This way you feel like you want to WHEN you want to. This makes your mind too willfully erratic for your stalkers to get a hold on those brainwaves of yours!  Last, but not least:  it is better to BE an un-solvable equation than to be INSIDE an unsolvable equation. 


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