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Prepper bunkers have limited use for doomsday

Updated on April 16, 2013

I've come to the conclusion that many preppers (doomsday/coup) think that bunkers are a main solution to when it all hits the fan. Not quite the case to be honest, I'm talking 99.9% of the average Joe prepper. First off near 100% of bunkers are just too small to survive long term, it's good for a short time because there can only be so much space to store and live. Plus even when grouping them to make bigger it will cost way too much and likely not be affordable. Yes I will say that these prepper bunkers are very well produced for defense whether bullets, explosions and radiation air purifying. Hypothetically let's say the bunker has to be used for 22 years. Other factors are going to the bathroom, will they have to go outside to danger to relieve themselves? Even if the bunker has a bathroom, where does the septic go or how much will it hold? Then for preppers with children many seem to forget the basics. Even though they will be safe will the family tree end with the children? Think about it , they basically can't go anywhere nor the grotesque mention of incest. Probably after 7 months food and/or water will run out then they will have no choice but to venture out. Then people forget the boredom factor and with little room to roam. That was a reason for prisoners going insane throughout history and may cause mental issues.

Preppers should know that there is a need to be as diverse in skills to survive and not just a bunker. They forget the landscape can change as well, like flooding causing the land to be a pond. Then the bunker may leak or water will trap air or cause the bunker if possible to float somewhere unknown.


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