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Preserve Your Freedom To Buy Supplements

Updated on March 27, 2010

If certain politicians get their way, our days of being able to purchase our own supplements at your local health retailer or online may be a thing of the past.

Senate Bill S.3002, also referred to as “the Dietary Supplement Safety Act:” may phrased in a way that makes it seem like they have good intensions for the supplement buying consumer, but we must not let the name of the Bill fool us. This Bill may drastically change the way you buy supplements. Your health choices will no longer be yours. Your supplement buying choices will be controlled by the government, and the large drug companies. Let’s face it; supplements have been Big Pharma’s biggest competitor and a major threat to those in the pharmaceutical industry.

This Bill would mean that in order to obtain key dietary supplements you would actually need to obtain a prescription. The arguments for defeating this Bill go even deeper. Consider the following: This Bill treats adulteration of sports supplements with illegal/non approved drugs as a supplement issue, when it should be treated as a drug issue.

This Bill will harmonize U.S. supplement laws with unpopular CODEX rules, which are what they have in Canada and the European Union. This means that in these regions people have restricted access to safe dietary supplements that have long been available in the U.S. These restrictions have resulted in some American companies pulling out of the Canadian market causing them an economic loss in jobs as well as their market share in the booming supplement industry. These laws force Canadians citizens to have to come to the United States to buy their supplements. It has messed up the Canadian market; do you want this law to mess up our supplement market as well? Of course you don’t.

If you really want to help, and are concerned about keeping your supplement buying freedoms. If you still care about having the freedom of being able to go to your local supplement retailer to buy your supplements. If you still want to be able to make your own supplement buying choices based on the tons information and research, you already have available to you, then take an active role in opposing this Bill. Tell you senator not to support this Bill, and also tell your congressman not to support a House-version of this Bill.

For more information on this Bill and what you can do to oppose it just visit the following link.


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    • Internetwriter62 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Thanks MyWebs, I have read that the FDA does help Big Pharma, because many of those who work for the FDA eventually get top positions in the pharmaceutical industry. It all comes down to vested interests. Their biggest competitor is the supplement industry and they will do whatever they can to wipe it out. Unfortunately, big government is in America's future.

    • MyWebs profile image

      Anthony Goodley 

      8 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      I heard about this new bill on talk radio. Our government gone wild needs to be stopped before it is too late. It truly saddens me to see what is happening, not just with this current bill, but the overall trend.

      Was it the FDA that would regulate dietary supplements if this law passed? It is ridiculous to regulate a vitamin the same way as a narcotic drug!


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