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Preserving nature and ecology!

Updated on November 30, 2013

Pollution man made.

Man is responsible for preserving ecology!

Many billions of people occupy the earth along with other species. Why this existence? What purpose is served? Is it for whiling away our precious time like other wild species, eating, drinking sleeping and mating? Or, is it for acquiring wealth and properties, constructing spacious mansions with the latest available luxuries and enjoying a cozy sleep in feather touch beds? Are we here to enjoy the sensual pleasures like other animal species or our life is meant for greater aims? These questions naturally arise since having evolved into higher species like human being with discrimination and reasoning faculties, choosing a way to follow out of myriads of choices, are we really different from the animal species? Why this evolution into human beings with lot of powers?

Science or technology has no answer to this riddle. But it is an indisputable fact that man is the zenith of creation with many wonderful powers. It is not for futility that the creator has blessed with man with all reasoning and thinking faculties. The scriptures have the answers for the creation of human beings. Many of us may not be aware of the fact that man has evolved through minerals and plants, fishes and birds, and other animal species. His evolution is very slow and might have taken millions and millions of years. As a child pass through each standard to reach the school final level, man has evolved from ameba to this stage. He has not jumped to the stage suddenly. Hence we retain different traits. Some people are lazy and easy going. Some people toil from dawn to dusk. It is not for merely earning a few coins to fill up his belly. In fact, no animal species exert themselves for their food and shelter. God has provided fodder for the cattle, fruits and grains for the birds and for the carnivorous appropriate food in the form of small animals and birds. While the fishes eat the dirt and dust in the waterways, bigger varieties of fish eat the small fishes. Hence the ecology of the universe is perfectly maintained. It is only where man lives, all kinds of pollutions takes place due to the unbridled greed of man to possess everything for his own enjoyment.

We all know that animals behave as per their inborn instincts and it won’t change even after millions of years. Thus the tiger and lion always kill the smaller docile animals for their food and the cows always eat the grass or hay. There is no deviation at all. There are seasons for everything. Animals have seasons to produce their offspring but see the behavior of man. He has absolutely no restrained in his ways and habits. He never considers anything. For that reason alone, our ancients have prescribed code of conduct for human beings since he can choose to do anything at any time.

Now, let us analyze why humanity is confronted with lot of problems? Many of the natural calamities are due to the foolish ways of man’s way of living. Indiscriminate use of natural resources has led to this sorry state. Systematically man destroys forests for the sake of establishing more and more industries. The industries actually pollute the air and the effluent from any industry is let out in open fields or in rivers and ponds. Many minute microcosms are destroyed in this process which really helps the ecology in a great way. When god has created the universe, he has provided the ecosystems for orderly living of all beings. We are aware that plants need sunshine to produce their food. Plants take in the carbon-di-oxide exhaled by the living beings and let out oxygen which is vital for all living beings. Even fishes cannot live without oxygen and hence it is provided with special skins to extract oxygen from water without leaving their water source. Man and other animals cannot live in water since we need oxygen to breathe which is available in atmosphere. If we observe deep forests and hills, there is self-regulatory cleaning mechanism everywhere.

The rivers and oceans have their own system of cleansing of any pollution. The rivers are flowing and hence it is getting rid of any stagnated dirt and dust. The waves in the ocean always raise and reach the shores, depositing all pollutions in the shores. Here too, man is responsible for polluting the ecology of oceans. Many rare species of fishes commit mass suicide due to the level of pollution in the vast sea. Oceans were always pure. But the indiscriminate plying of many ships and submarines in the ocean deeply affects the ecology. In addition, brunt is transported through the oceans for delivery to different countries. When accidents occur, the entire quantity of oil mixes with sea water, polluting it and endanger the lives of many aqua creatures and many bird species like the flamingo etc. We have seen in the documentaries that many bird lovers take out the birds, clean their leg of tar or other viscous materials for it to survive. Everywhere we have seen that man is the real culprit and no other animal is responsible for the pollution. In fact the small animals, hawks and smaller insects clean regularly the nook and corner of the forests and hills. Even after billions of years of creation, the forests and hills are as fresh as it was when it was originally create. Only when man trespasses these regions on the pretext of exploration and research, the pollutions starts.

Hence as sane individuals, we must respect nature and conserve the ecology for future generation. Our needs are only minimal. A little food to fill up our belly, cloth to cover and a shelter to protect us from Sun and rain. It is only the greed of man has spoiled everything in nature and he undergoes all grief and pain due to his own foolish acts.


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