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President Barak Obama, Facebook and Middle Eastern devotion

Updated on October 27, 2012

What do the White House, Facebook and Middle Eastern devotion practices have in common? The answer is the ability to come together in cyberspace and meet for a common cause at a special place. Did you know potential foreign enemies are watching the White House Facebook page and monitoring it's content and citizens?

Back in April 2012, due to the approaching Nov. 2012 election, many politically active people where stopping off at the White House facebook page to keep abreast with current election and foreign topic news stories posted straight from the White House on it's social page. The page has many interesting stories about the President and his family. Their whereabouts and what the President has recently been up to day to day and week by week. Most stories had comments and likes following each of them.

Upon investigating this page and reading a few of the stories, one story intrigued some interest. On the date of March 26, 2012 an entry story was allowed by the White House page staff. An Islamic spiritual advisor named Mohammad Heddar had defined in his entry what "Ishmallah" meant. It means according to Mr. Heddar, "to be done with Allah's will".

Startled that the White House page staff had been allowing religious talk of this nature, an investigation of the comments seemed appropriate. The entries were almost all of Mr. Heddar quoting verse after verse of the Koran for weeks. Periodically someone made an off remark, or someone remarked positively about Allah. Suddenly someone asked Mr. Heddar, "Is not the name Allah also a surname?". Mr. Heddar responded that his english is not so good to answer, but continued to quote verses in english of the Koran. This person again asked about the use of Allah as a last name or surname, for which many examples were sited. Mr. Heddar returned a response that some people corrupt the Koran. He told this individual that they should learn the pure and uncorrupted version of Islam from him. This was Mr. Heddar's last entry.

For five days straight, upon returning to this story on the White house facebook page, scores of people from Iran and some from Yemen would not let this conversation continue. Each writing and sometimes scrolling elaborate designs of "Persian Gulf Forever". About sixty different Iranians and some from other countries such as Yemen would not allow this conversation to proceed and saw to it that freedom of speech about this subject be curtailed at the White House facebook page. Anyone could have seen these actions and click on each person to see their country of origin while viewing their timeline interests.

This attack on freedom of speech was not detected by the White House facebook staff for one week. There was no way to notify or report these happenings. Finally, in mid-April 2012 the White House took Mr. Mohammad Heddar's entry and comments off. After it's removal, other entries were investigated for foreign commentaries, none that were this obvious were encountered. However, almost all the stories come directly from the White House and not individuals.

But why was this particular entry by Mr. Mohammad Heddar allowed? Did the White House know that multitudes of foreign nationals were being spiritually enhanced and obviously coming to read verses of the Koran with pictures of President Obama, his family and staff all over the page. They may have had a pray ring going about "Ishmallah" ( to be done with Allah's will). Thankfully someone asked a question that upset these fathom readers who were using these verses to pray until the entry was removed. Could the White House facebook staff be this naive? Better yet, does the Secret Service or Homeland Security even know?


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    • Deborah M Jones profile imageAUTHOR

      Deborah M Jones 

      6 years ago from Illinois

      So sad that we have to watch are backs even while visiting a page about a national place in our country. The White House staff should never have allowed such an entry. If it had been a christian preacher it would have been deleted immediately! Issues about separation of church and state.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 

      6 years ago from Southern California

      I have no use for Facebook.


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