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President Donald Trump will change the world?

Updated on December 9, 2016

Donald will make or mar the world

American Presidential Elections brought Donald Trump's victory and led him to the White House. There is a great hullabaloo after the election results, yet it would not hamper Donald to take his seat in the office. He has not simply won the people’s vote but there is much more in his victory. In fact his victory was a method in madness. His tenure will be very important for America as well as the world and especially for the Middle East. His inauguration as the President of America will change the world scenario very soon.

There would be two main theories related to his Presidency.

1-World would see a conflagration which would become a world war 3.

2. America will again resume its seclusion policy to stabilize it shattering economy.

China and European union

1- The Third World War

It is not mere probable thought but situation on the ground leads us towards the third world war. The America is going to be secluded by the European Union which will not be viable for America. More over Chinese influence in the world affairs has increased manifold. In order to contain China America will do every aggressive act wherever China in involved.American involvement in the Middle East is also one of the bad omens for America. The Arabs on the whole are being up by the American policies. Only Governments are with America. Every body knows that Arab governments have no popular support. They are autocratic governments and are defied by many estranged groups.

2. Seclusion Policy

The second option before America would be to pack up all its all expansion plans and pull her forces out from the Middle East (which seems difficult because of Israel) and concentrate on its economy. America at this time is the most indebted country of the world. It is not in the position to bear the brunt of any other great venture. the internal issues are more severe than external ones. There is increasing unemployment and foreign debt. It can be decreased by such an action which would involve constructive plans not destructive foreign ventures. More over American and the world is becoming aware of the real face of terrorism. World has started saying that America and the west are in fact the major source of terrorism. They always air the flame of terrorism for their own overt interests. This awareness would also make them to shift their policies.

Donald Trump has been elected for the same purpose. His personality has been depicted as a person who could take arbitrary decisions. It is now in his hands to make or mar America. The world is with him.


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